11 No Regrets List

Sing it with me: “Seize the day or die regretting the time you lost” Avenged Sevenfold for reference.

Gaining inspiration from Nicole Blach at Making it Lovely, The Buried Life, and of course the movie Bucket List, I created this list to document my aspirations in hopes to become a Bucket Listologist- defined here. This list is intended for reminiscing (even if 12 have been pre-crossed off) and inspiration to others. You may think it may not be fair to put on past achievements, but I make the rules it’s a good boost of confidence. Plus, three of them happened within a few weeks of each other- THANKS J & J, you know who you are!

Fly in a small plane8/24/12
Physically fly a plane. 8/24/12 Oops, I forgot to change my camera settings! J still captured great pics!

Drive a supercar, superfast.9/17/12 Not one but two!

P.S. Totally loved the Ferrari more!
Hike to an oasis.
Pet/feed a Bear. 8/11/11
Class V rapids. Whitewater rafting class II-IV Completed 6/23/12:
Hold a monkey.
Fly in a private jet.
Fly in a helicopter- NOT for emergency purposes.
Go on a hot air balloon ride. Close but no cigar, at least I was close to one on 8/24/12.
Learn to snowboard.
Learn to wakeboard.
Cliff Jump off a really high cliff (safely of course).
Drift on a track.
Swim with Dolphins.
Bungee Jump.
Race on a track.

Experience a moshpit. While attending my first concern at 16!
Meet my favorite band. Approx 2004. Not only did I meet my favorite band, I also met one of my beloved friends waiting in line! This picture was taken with a couple buddies after the event... that's a grin of success! Unfortunately, when I had the film developed the photos of the band were mysteriously all black.

Go to a ball. Twice, Marine Corps, Ohh RAH! 12/1/08 and
 Curly sue curls are the only ones that stay in my hair.

Experience an earthquake. When I lived in CA.
Ride an elephant. When I was little at a circus, it still counts!
Be a VIP at a concert.
Meet Avenged Sevenfold.
Shave my head bald if someone close has to go through radiation.
Be in a real flash mob.
Complete many random act of kindness.
See a tornado.
Run a marathon.
Get 3rd tattoo.
And 4th.
Dye my hair something crazy.
Attend a boudoir session.
Ride a Gondola.
Go to a film premier.
Go to a Renaissance fare.
Be a kid for a day. (besides my Disneyland experience).
Dance in the rain and jump in puddles.
Witness, firsthand, something historic.
Ride a camel.
Watch an extravagant show in Vegas.
Hang out with a celebrity longer than 10 minutes (I got to hang out with bullet for my valentines frontman Matthew Tuck)
Catch a Broadway play.
Go to the opera.
Watch a ballet.
Sleep in a hammock outside under the stars.
Be a YES  woman for 24 hours.
Complete a 30-day program/activity (like photos for 30 days).
Leave behind more messages for the future. First one was tearing down a wall, post to come.

Gamble in Las VegasAfter the ball 12/1/08, rocking a Dress, and Yes I won- something like $20 haha.
Stay in a swanky hotel, for free/on the cheap.
Put a stamp on my passport.
Celebrate New Years at time square.
Leave this continent.
Visit the Eiffel tower.
Go to Tokyo.
Go on a cruise.
Visit the rainforest.
Stand on the equator.
Stand in all four corners (US) and take a picture.
Bathe under a waterfall.
Visit Stonehenge.
Go to a paradise island.
Visit the Bermuda triangle in hopes to return ha!
Walk (as opposed to drive over) the golden gate bridge.
Visit as many theme parks as possible, and go on as many rides as possible.

ü  Disneyland, CA
ü  Disney World, FL
ü  Universal Studios- FL
ü  Universals Islands of Adventure, FL
ü  Universal Studios- CA
ü  MGM Studios, FL
ü  Busch Gardens, FL
ü  Knott’s Berry Farm, CA
ü  Six Flags Great America, IL
ü  Six Flags Magic Mountain, CA
ü  SeaWorld, FL
ü  SeaWorld,  CA
ü  SeaWorld, OH
ü  Noah's Ark, WI
ü  Bay Beach, WI- I recommend Elvis Presley's replica roller coaster: Zippin Pippin

Become a CEO and/or run my own successful business.
Become successful.
Be happy with what I do.

More on how to fix a car.
A new language.
Use a fancy sword.
How to fence.
How to sail.
Salsa dance.
Hip hop dance.
Break dance.
How to do a backflip.
How to Duggy.
The full Superman Dance.
Take more pole dancing lessons. First time was at a bachelorette party, FUN!
To scuba Dive.
To drive a motorcycle, successfully. Failed the first time.

Learn to track animals.
Grow my own food.
Keep up on CPR certification.
Practice Karate.


  1. I would totally help you with the boudoir session, just airbrush the hell out of me! I actually had wanted to have boudoir pics done as a wedding gift to Kyle, but it wasn't in the budget at the time, weddings are expensive!!!!!!!

  2. Awesome page. I love the idea of tracking your experiences. I do it myself through short stories and poetry. I heard an Avenged Sevenfold song on the radio today. Never really listened to them before but I’m surprised you dig them, it’s some pretty hard shit. I don’t know if I’ve ever talked to you about Metallica (or Black Sabbath for that matter) but I can guarantee that they had to have been a huge influence on Avenged Sevenfold just by the sound of the music. You should check out Master of Puppets if you’ve never really listened to them.

    Also I love this from another page of yours:
    “It was this moment in time I realized: I can and should follow my passions and dreams. Maybe it stemmed from two amazing seminars I attended, a major assignment failure, and sensing my own and others struggles to be happy. Call it a triple threat? The cliché saying “it’s now or never” really hit home.”

    Sounds a lot like why I left our previous employer. As Metallica put it so eloquently, “fuck it all with fucking no regrets.” (Pardon my vulgarity.)

    I know you’re focused on this, but if you’re ever looking for some additional income we can always use additional people who are motivated and bright and I’m sure you’d fit right in. It’s really a great career because you control your own destiny and your job is basically helping people.

    Keep up the good work T.

    1. Hi Matt,

      Good to hear from you! I'll definitely keep the position in mind if things don't work out.

      I appreciate all the kind words.

      My personal music preference is Heavy Metal first. I've been to TONS of concerts, even been to Metallica at least twice that I can remember. It's too bad Ozzfest only has one show (in TX or Japan this year), Mr. Osbourne himself has crazy energy even at his age. It's interesting to see how rock evolved. Without a doubt many of the bands I grew up with had an influence from many bands in that era.

    2. Watch "Cliff 'Em All" if you never have. Watching it right now myself. It's awesome. RIP CLIFF

  3. I know you mentioned a possible photo page aside from the blog...still in the works? Sorry, I'm just super excited!!!

    1. Oh it is still, very much, in the works. It's been pushed out just a bit further because of some blog conference prep.

    2. P.S. feel free to keep talking to me about it so it doesn't slip away!

    3. Kyle says I nag!

    4. Don't forget June 11th!!!

    5. I would never! Can't wait, I better capture that face!


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