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Hey hey everyone! I'm super pumped because it's Thursday which means another round of #thriftscorethursday. I cannot tell you enough how much I enjoy scrolling through your posts showing off all your fantastic finds. So many of you have been outrageously lucky finding just the COOLEST stuff!

#thriftscorethursday Week 97 | Trisha from Black and White Obsession, Brynne's from The Gathered Home, Cassie from Primitive and Proper, and Corinna from A Designer At Home

If you're new 'round here, my co-hosts Brynne from The Gathered Home, Cassie from Primitive and Proper, Corinna from A Designer At Home and I, invite you to play along with our fun hashtag party on Instagram. The rules are simple: snap a pic of your thrifted treasure and throw the #thriftscorethursday hashtag so our hosts, followers, and amazing TST community can marvel at your goodies.

Let’s kick this party off with my find:

#thriftscorethursday Week 97 MCM Dresser | www.blackandwhiteobsession.com

A couple days ago I was backing up my old photos and came across this gem that I forgot to share with you guys.

Pure mid-century glory. I vaguely remember being so proud of the find at an estate sale that I was completely blind and didn’t exactly care about the cost (although it was a pretty good deal in our area). I also remember frantically sending these photos to Brynne to see if she had any pointers on its value (out of pure curiosity, I stand by my blind-sided purchases just get a thrill out of finding its value).

And now for the dreamy features from our #thriftscorethursday Instagram crowd:

What would make this cacti any cooler? How about the simple fact that it's moonlights as a door knocker!! Definitely the raddest find of the day.

This Hollywood style lamp is what dreams are made of. You should really check out his entire feed for some serious eye candy. You're welcome!!

What a pretty peacock, in my Wisconsin accent: 'dontchathink?' I'm such a huge fan of the details especially delicate holes. Do you suppose it's a napkin holder?

Well that’s all for week 97, my friends! We thoroughly enjoy scrolling through your entries every week and hope to see your thrifted treasures. It’s pretty easy to play along:
  1. Snap a photo of your thrifted finds.
  2. Share said photo with the hashtag #thriftscorethursday on Instagram any day of the week!
  3. Tag some friends to play along!
*You could be featured next Thursday as your hosts Brynne, Cassie, Corinna, and I (+a Fun and Fabulous guest host) dish out our favorite scores every week.

>>>Looking for even more amazing thrift scores? Pop by Brynne, Cassie, and Corinna to see what they found this week (by clicking the images below).

#thriftscorethursday Brynne's treasures from The Gathered Home
Or click here. You can also find her hash-tagging on Twitter and Instagram.

#thriftscorethursday Cassie's treasures from Primitive and Proper
Or click here. You can also find her hash-tagging on Twitter and Instagram.

#thriftscorethursday Corinna's treasures from A Designer At Home
Or click here. You can also find her hash-tagging on Twitter and Instagram.

Still not satisfied?! Check out our past thrift score’s here.

*By submitting to #thriftscorethursday, you're granting us permission to share your treasures via our blogs or social media. No worries though, we'll link back to you!



  1. LOVE your dresser! it's fab! and i featured that light fixture, too!

  2. Haha, yes, I remember getting those photos! I'm with you - if you love it, buy it, whether it's extra valuable or not. But it's always fun to dig deeper into thrift finds too! :)

  3. Love your dresser! And that peacock! napkin holder would be my guess, too


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