10 #thriftscorethursday Bartered Boat

I'm so excited to tell you about this week's #thriftscorethursday find that has actually been in my possession for a couple years.

#thriftscorethursday Week 75 | Trisha from Black and White Obsession, Brynne's from The Gathered Home, Cassie from Primitive and Proper, Corinna from For My Love Of, and Guest Poster: Jess from Domicile37

If you're new 'round here, my co-hosts Brynne from The Gathered Home, Cassie from Primitive and Proper, and Corinna from For My Love Of and I, invite you to play along with our fun hashtag party on Instagram. The rules are simple: snap a pic of your thrifted treasure and throw the #thriftscorethursday hashtag so our hosts, followers, and amazing TST community can marvel at your goodies.

Occasionally, we're blessed to have a few of our favorite hashtag blogger friends guest hosting alongside us. This week, please give a warm welcome back to Jess from Domicile37!

Perhaps you'll notice that there's been a fun back drop in some of my recent thrift finds (here or here)... today I'm showing you that it's the bow of this snazzy little boat, a 1967 Steury to be exact:

This perfectly (back "in style") boat is one of the largest (and proudest) barters I've been able to pull off to date. You see, a couple years ago, my pop's needed a couch, I needed to get rid of a couch, I wanted a boat and he needed to get rid of a boat. Perfect way for both of us to win big time. And if you didn't catch that-- the boat was F-ah-ree!

This vintage beauty has been in the family since my pop's purchased it spankin' new back in '67. Yes, he had (and still has) decent taste.

I have so many fond memories of sitting on my pops lap helping drive the boat as a child, to convincing him to let me 'take her for a spin' at a too young age (a rebel I tell ya- he was nearby for responsible reasons), to FINALLY reaching an old enough to whip some waves around in this guy. Don't even get me started on DAYS upon DAYS of water skiing and tubing from sun up to sun down.

#thriftscorethursday Week 75 Bartered Boat | www.blackandwhiteobsession.com

When I went to pick the boat up from the storage barn (where it has been for 10+ years) sadly there was a raccoon family huddled under the steering wheel, lying in torn up shards of the foam seats. They left their -ahem- marks everywhere, we even had to call animal protection to relocate them to safety. All the grossness aside, it hasn't stopped me from using (the clean part) as a photography back drop.

Nevertheless, there's a lot to do to get this baby on the water again. Since it has been sitting around so long, I'm actually considering paying it forward. A neighbor of a friend pitched an idea to turn it into a backyard playground. It's intriguing enough for consideration.

And now for the dreamy features from our #thriftscorethursday Instagram crowd:

Dee found the most wonderfully detailed bar cart. Just look at those metal-rimmed cup holders on the bottom and that pattern on the top. Total show stopper, right?!

I know last week I featured another Bentwood Rattan Bamboo Chair set, but who can resist all that craftsmanship in each glorious chair?! Also, how cool is it that Anna did some digging and found that her new location moves furniture less quickly than her old 'hood?! She was able to snag this curvy Rattan Bamboo piece for 20 big ones! Swoon-with-me-now!

Speaking of chairs, Jess killed it big time catching THREE of these wooden stools. Three (one not in the shot) is definitely NOT a crowd-- this time!!

Well that’s all for week 75, my dearies! We thoroughly enjoy scrolling through your entries every week and hope to see your thrifted treasures. It’s pretty easy to play along:
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  2. Share your photo with the hashtag #thriftscorethursday on Instagram (if your profile is public) and/or Twitter, any day of the week!
*You could be featured next Thursday as your hosts Brynne, Cassie, Corinna, and I (+a surprise guest host) dish out our favorite scores every week.

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  1. I love your Pop's boat and vote for restoring it. If I saw you and your husband cruising around in it on the water, I'd whip my camera out in an instant to get a photo. Love!

    1. Awe thank you for all the kind words Paula- I really hope restoration will be in the cards.

  2. that boat is awesome!!!!! i love it! i want to wear a high wasted white bikini, huge sunglasses, red lipstick, a scarf around my head, and have you drive me around!

  3. a boat! between that and the trailer, I think you win the award for funnest TST finds :)

  4. Ahhhh! That boat is amazing!!! While I would love to see it restored, the child in me is jumping up and down at the idea of it being the world's coolest play space! Whatever you do, I hope you'll share it here! That aqua is EVERYTHING! :)

    1. That aqua is keeping me around. For now at least ha!

  5. Wahoo for FREE! That was a huge Score! I typically am distracted by all things furniture, but dang girl....Get it!


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