9 #thriftscorethursday Dream Door

You guys. I found it. Six months of hunting and I found my dream door this weekend. Admittedly, it was incredibly difficult to keep this week's #thriftscorethursday under wraps. But of course, we're getting ahead of ourselves…

#thriftscorethursday Week 58 | Trisha from Black and White Obsession, Brynne's from The Gathered Home, Cassie from Primitive and Proper, Corinna from For My Love Of, and Guest Poster: Ashley from Bigger Than the Three of Us

If you're new 'round here, my co-hosts Brynne from The Gathered Home, Cassie from Primitive and Proper, and Corinna from For My Love Of and I, invite you to play along with our fun hashtag party on Instagram. The rules are simple: snap a pic of your thrifted treasure and throw the #thriftscorethursday hashtag so our hosts, followers, and amazing TST community can marvel at your goodies.

Occasionally, we're blessed to have a few of our favorite hashtag blogger friends guest hosting alongside us. This week, please give a warm welcome back Ashley from Bigger Than the Three of Us!

Let’s kick this party off with my find:

Those of you who follow along on Instagram may remember these inspirational doors from Maurice’s, I snagged. Well wait six months and you shall receive…

This past weekend we were strolling the isles of our area Restore (what better way to spend a Saturday afternoon?) and like a fly to a bug zapper I gravitated toward this glorious door with the circular design. I'm sure there was an audible squeal and even a dramatic/desperate through-myself-at the-door so all the other restore thrifters wouldn’t even THINK about stealing this baby out of my clutches.

#thriftscorethursday Week 58 Dream Door | www.blackandwhiteobsession.com

As the beau was shuffling the doors around to unbury the door, I casually looked around for a mate. And to my surprise, I found a second one! While waiting for the beau to bring the first one to the front of the store (that's my man!), I hung around the second door guarding it with my life. It was all for good reason as I heard other thrifters mutter ‘shucks’ and a ‘look at that door! Oh, never mind.’ Each time I gave them warning glares then a huge grin, in that order.

Now here comes the odd part. One door was standard size, the other was much, much taller. The normal height door was marked at $40, the other at $25 (more for a shorter door, does that even make any logical sense?!). So I asked what their deal was sweetly asked if she could match the price of the larger door, $25, and she accepted.

The beau confirmed (multiple times) that the taller door wasn't one that he could modify or cut shorter so sadly we put the tall-boy back, for someone else to enjoy. If the taller door had been insulated, we totally would have snagged it for an exterior door.

Perhaps luck will find me again in finding a sweet knocker like this (I’d even settle for a cute one like this). Then, my life would be complete.

And now for the dreamy features from our #thriftscorethursday Instagram crowd:

It's probably frowned upon that as a host, I feature another host, but there's no way I couldn't include Brynne's Lucite Table- it too, was a stars-aligned outrageously awesome find. Looks like we both had a lucky thrifting weekend!

This adorable little brass turtle is actually a trinket holder and Emily craftily uses hers to stash her sewing needles. I just can't get enough of all the unique brassy pieces out in the thrifting world.

Hailey brought her A-game with this simple bohemian-vibe boxy hanging chair. Isn’t it absolutely GLORIOUS?!

Well that’s all for week 58, my dearies! We thoroughly enjoy scrolling through your entries every week and hope to see your thrifted treasures. It’s pretty easy to play along:
  1. Snap a photo of something that catches your eye or you decided to splurge on from anyplace secondhand (Craigslist, Thrift Stores, Auctions, Garage Sales, etc).
  2. Share your photo with the hashtag #thriftscorethursday on Instagram (if your profile is public) and/or Twitter, any day of the week!
*You could be featured next Thursday as your hosts Brynne, Cassie, Corinna, and I (+a surprise guest host) dish out our favorite scores every week.

How long have you patiently waited for the PERFECT thrift score?

>>>Looking for even more amazing thrift scores? Pop by Brynne, Cassie, Corinna & this week’s guest host: Ashley to see what they found this week (by clicking the images below).

#thriftscorethursday Brynne's treasures from The Gathered Home
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#thriftscorethursday Corinna's treasures from For My Love Of
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#thriftscorethursday Ashley's treasures from Bigger Than the Three of Us
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  1. Oh lordy! What a pretty door! Who needs insulated doors? They're so boring! Alas, heating bills are no joke.

    1. I totally tried running that past the beau, hence asking a bunch of times, and he put his foot down. I guess one of us has to be responsible...

  2. there as so much goodness this week! and i LOVE your door!!!! love it!

    1. It was a pretty incredible line-up! Thanks girl, I'm absolutely smitten!

  3. That door is incredible - I can't believe you found one so similar to that inspiration photo!!! Are you going to go turquoise with yours too? And thank you for mentioning my coffee table find! I was going to take some photos and share it in my post but the flyaway painting fiasco kind of just demanded center stage this week :)

    1. Turquoise would be fun at this point, all I know is I want to make it bold.

      I think I would have had a heart attack! Interestingly enough we scored tons of home deals (it was Menards 11% rebate) last weekend and were worried that our foam sheets were going to blow out the back even with a cab. Good thing there were two of us, one to spot ha!

  4. That door is awesome! I can't wait to see it in your home.

  5. ooh, look at that door! such a fabulous find!


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