18 A little update.

This post has taken me far too long to put into words. So here goes…

My name is Trisha, and I have scaled back on this blog. There I said it.

This should come to no surprise to the four of you who actually read this thing like clockwork. Nevertheless, I felt the need to explain.

Rest assured, I'm not ignoring this beast that I've poured my heart and soul into over the past couple years. Rather, it all came down to a few life changes. The biggest one being this little fact: all the money I saved up to become an entrepreneur ran out. Maybe a bit too long ago.

Shocking news alert: DIY blogs ain't cheap. Not that everything is overly expensive, but those projects can really add up 'yo. So Instead of accumulating debt or falling down the Ramen noodle rabbit hole (insert colorful flashbacks to college), I knew it was time to re-enter the work force.

To my pleasant surprise, I landed the perfect position shortly before Christmas. I owe some serious high-fives to my lucky angels (and my killer references) for that one.
Tina Fey, High-Fiving a million angels (GIF) | www.blackandwhiteobsession.com
Before digging out the dusty business clothing, and the realization of showering daily sunk in, I became concerned for Biggie Smalls. She was so accustomed to seeing me every day, laying by my feet, and flat out being spoiled with affection and human contact 24/7. To go from one extreme to another was going to be rough. Ah heck it's probably an overly concerned puppy mom-thing?!

Biggie Smalls the Brindle English Mastiff. Blog Post: A Little Update | www.blackandwhiteobsession.com

So we did what any dog-loving family would do, we added to our clan:

Lulu the Harlequin Great Dane, Blog Post: A Little Update | www.blackandwhiteobsession.com

Lulu, the Great Dane. We lovingly nicknamed her "Moo Moo." She was adopted just a few short days before I took the giant leap back into the office. Those of you following along on Facebook may remember this hilarious reenactment of her first few days with us.

I could go on and on about this old lady (she's 9!), but I'll spare you. This time.

Now, as with most new positions, there's a learning curve. This particular curve was pretty technical in nature which in turn, sucked the creativity out of this 'ol brain of mine. I also noticed that I was experiencing writers block. The kind where I felt like I wasn't providing enough FUN and interesting commentary. Some could describe it more of a bland, toned down, yawn-tastic version of myself.

Perhaps one of the biggest changes you may have noticed, besides the lack of posts, is my voluntary withdrawal from Outside the Box. Let me assure you, there's no beef or no juicy back-story behind my departure. Those ladies are hardworking and some of the sweetest bloggers I've had the pleasure of working with.
Outside the Box Link Party

It all came down to: me. I simply couldn't keep up with the new job AND posting crafty projects AND fun tutorials as frequently as I wanted. I felt like I was cramming weekly series down your throat without giving y'all enough originality.

All that said, if you're a blogger-- I hope you'll still link up to their incredibly inspiring link party. If you're a reader-- there are TONS of inspirational projects ready to be stalked every week. You can hang out with them Tuesdays at 5 PM ET on any of their blogs: Carissa from Carissa Miss, Elisha from Pneumatic Addict, Brandy from BD Design, and Megan from Splendid Design.

I realize there are tons of super-star/overachiever bloggers that are ambitious enough to juggle children and jobs and their blogs, but it's exhausting and I'm exhausted. This exhausted:

Biggie Smalls the Brindle English Mastiff, awkward sleeping. Blog Post: A Little Update | www.blackandwhiteobsession.com
For real, she was asleep like this for a good half hour!

All that said, I'm not going anywhere. I have just yanked the e-brake. Hard. With the full intention of providing QUALITY over QUANTITY. Really thinking, planning, and pulling off projects with a bit more personality.

You can still catch me every Thursday here for #thriftscorethursday. It's one thing I've managed to maintain.

I cannot thank each and every one of you enough for sticking with me, through all the growing pains and this transition. I cannot wait to figure out how to juggle it all. So if you have any tips, I'm all ears.



  1. Congratulations on your new job! I totally understand how working full time sucks any creativity out of your brain. When I finally make it to Friday night, all I want to do is sleep. When you work all week, scrambling all weekend to complete a project for a blog post for the next week leaves one exhausted when Monday morning rolls around once again. I think you are wise to focus on quality over quantity.

    1. Thanks Paula! Let's just hit pause so we can take a long nap!!

  2. i noticed, but i knew you were busy. and i think two dogs helps beat the lonely one dog syndrome.... at least i tell myself that i have given jake a gift with catcher, not an annoyance. ;)
    you keep doing what you are doing!
    oh, and michelle and i were just talking about how much blogging costs.... all the projects, etc. eeek.

    1. Catcher and Jake are adorable. I'm sure Jake gives plenty of dog eye rolls around Catcher ha!

      The projects really do add up!!

  3. #Truth. I don't think people realize at first all the little costs that go into DIYing, or photography equipment, the computer, social media scheduling tools, web hosting etc.

    I'm happy to hear about the new job and as always I'm looking forward to the next post.

    1. Heck yeah, I once paid a pretty penny to have my favorite lens fixed. It was a sad day when it broke and may have been an even sadder day getting the bill ha!

      So sweet of you, thank you so much for sticking by me girl!

  4. congrats on the new job! I'm glad it's going well. and those are some super cute dogs :). Working full time makes it super hard to maintain a blog, I love the freedom that comes with blogging as a hobby and not a job because when I need to just take a week off to hibernate (like this week, probably!) no one cares and no one notices but my grandmother. lol

  5. I don't mind waiting! I love Trisha original posts and wouldn't want you to feel like you HAD to churn something out without feeling great about it. I have no tips. Maybe more coffee? I drink tons of coffee and never sleep. But that doesn't sound like the kind of advice I'd want to give to you my friend!

  6. You know I'm right there with you! I totally understand! When I get just plain dog-tired out like that (haha, punny), I find the best thing to do is just take time off from forcing the creativity. And yes, it's such a fine line between money but no time and time but no money, lol! I'm glad you found the perfect new job and I think focusing on quality over quantity is spot-on. I'm not going anywhere, so I'll just be over here looking forward to when you do post :)

  7. Congrats on the new job and get some rest :-)

  8. Congratulations on your new job! I had noticed that your posts had scaled back but I assumed you were just busy with life. I've really enjoyed your blog and plan on sticking around so take your time and find the balance that works for you. And I agree with Corinna... lots and lots of coffee is what keeps me going.

    Shannon at An Inspired Nest

  9. Wow I just discovered your blog and hope that you will be posting again soon. I think it is awesome that you got a new job so quickly. Hope all goes well and I am off to check out some more of your posts. By the way both dogs are adorable!!

  10. So glad to hear #thriftscorethursday isn't going anywhere! Good luck on your new adventure!

  11. new job, new dog--lots to keep you busy! I totally understand slowing down....just as long as you don't stop doing Thrift Score Thursday ;)

  12. I definitely get it and have slowed down my posting just so I can {attempt to} get my brain organized and try to remember what having a life is like, haha. I don't have any kids {yet} so sometimes I feel like I should be able to handle it all since so many bloggers seem like super heroes, yet I still get sooooo exhausted and have to take breaks. Guess that's just being human :)

    Good luck with your new job and I'm glad you'll continue to blog - I love reading your posts!


  13. As far as I'm concerned you can go on and on about your awesome pups. No complaining here and congrats on the job


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