7 #thriftscorethursday Mid-Century Modern Eames Bubble Lamps

Good day my friends, and welcome to #thriftscorethursday! My co-host Brynne from The Gathered Home and our guest poster Michelle from Weekend Craft (welcome back, love!) invite you to join in on our weekly secondhand challenge.

Simply snap a pic of your thrifted treasure and throw the #thriftscorethursday hashtag so we can all marvel at your goodies. Awkward?! We’ll we’re just getting started!

#thriftscorethursday Week 33 | Trisha from Black and White Obsession, Brynne's from The Gathered Home, and Guest Poster: Michelle from Weekend Craft

Let’s begin with the features:
#thriftscorethursday Week 33 | Instagram user: futuristichuman shows off this Retro Table

If you’ve been stalking #thriftscorethursday long enough, you probably noticed Sabrina’s (Instagram: futuristichuman) phenomenal photos and even more amazing thrifted finds. We’ll her score this week has not only knocked me off my computer chair but has me inducting it into the #thriftscorethursday hall of fame- unofficially of course because it would involve some serious paperwork and running it past the real boss- Brynne- (which I’m sure wouldn’t take much convincing)!

That kidney shape reminds me of the Jetson’s, the piece is still so futuristic (see what I did there)?! I could design my entire house around this piece!! I should stop my girl crush before it gets too awkward.

#thriftscorethursday Week 33 | Instagram user: redhousewest shows off this Rykken & Co of Norway Leather Chair
I knew just from looking at the detailed back of this chair that I would fall hard for it. What can I say, it reminded me of Brynne’s office lounge chair (which lived in her living room ages ago). And of course after seeing the front:

#thriftscorethursday Week 33 | Instagram user: redhousewest shows off this Rykken & Co of Norway Leather Chair

It only instilled some serious envy for Mera & Katie! The condition alone… sigh. Someday there will be enough room in my thrifted mansion for all these goodies I drool over every week!

#thriftscorethursday Week 33 | Instagram user: mypassionfordecor shows off this School Map
Melody from My Passion for D├ęcor scored this killer world map. It brings me back to geography classes back in the day. You know the one where you tried your hardest not to giggle (in fear of punishment) when the teacher tried as hard as they could to keep the map from rolling back up?! Yeah those were the days #itsthelittlethings.

And, as usual, let's close with my finds:
#thriftscorethursday Week 33 Mid-Century Modern Eames Bubble Lamps | www.blackandwhiteobsession.com
I had a dream two nights ago that I won $25,000 and was mulling over how to spend the funds. Shortly after hopping on craigslist, I came across this set of Eames Bubble Lamps. Instantly, I would have spent that fictitious dream cash on these babies. You know why? Because they would make the perfect bedside lamps to hang over our gorgeously hand-crafted nightstands. You know in my dream home.

According to the (very detailed listing), these beauties are classic Original Mid Century Mod George Nelson Cigar Bubble Lamps. And with a little history lesson, the Bubble Lamp was first designed by George Nelson in 1947 then produced by Howard Miller in the early 1950's and, sadly, ending in 1979.

Of course I couldn’t swallow the hefty price tag but that hasn’t stopped me from stalking them on craigslist. Who knows maybe that dream cash will magically appear or by some sort of miracle the seller will drop the price into cheapskate territory.

Well that’s all for week 33, my dearies! We thoroughly enjoy scrolling through your entries every week and hope to see your thrifted treasures. It’s pretty easy to play along:
  1. Snap a photo of something that catches your eye or you decided to splurge on from anyplace secondhand (Craigslist, Thrift Stores, Auctions etc). 
  2.  Share your photo with the hashtag #thriftscorethursday on Instagram (if your profile is public) and/or Twitter, any day of the week! 
*You could be featured next Thursday as your hosts Brynne and I (+a third surprise guest host) dish out our favorite scores every week.

Do you enjoy virtual shopping?!

>>>Looking for even more amazing thrift scores? Pop by Brynne & this week’s guest host Michelle to see what they found this week (by clicking the images below).

#thriftscorethursday Brynne's treasures from The Gathered Home
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#thriftscorethursday Michelle’s treasures from Weekend Craft
Or click here. You can also find her hash-tagging on Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. awesome finds! i love the chair and love your lamps! i love lamp.

  2. Thanks for featuring my Rykken & Co of Norway chair! The best part about it is that it's soooooo comfortable! I'm jealous of that map, and the lamps are the stuff of dreams....

  3. Those lamps... Sigh. I feel the pain of pining for overpriced midcentury awesomeness... Dream on, girl! You never know - you might find them sitting in a thrift store one day!

  4. ooh, I want that map! And those lamps are awesome....but, yeah, the very detailed listings are the ones you can never buy--people who know what they have aren't what you want on Craigslist ;)

  5. ooooh! this is so much fun! favorite post ever!

  6. Ohhh fun finds!! Thanks for sharing at Think and Make Thursday!


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