7 FONTS FONTS FONTS: 15 Fun, Edgy, & Free

Are you ready for another set of free fonts?! This time, I’m really excited because they’re some of my favorite geometric-ish fonts. Since I tend to overuse that phrase I decided to spare you and label it 15 Fun, Edgy & Free Fonts!!

Since I've gotten a few font resource requests from various projects (like the Outside [the Box] Link Party graphics, our beer bbq sauce recipe, or the John Legend’s All of Me Inspired Desktop Backgrounds), I thought showing off some of my font addiction would help feed yours- you're welcome! This time ‘round, let’s source edgy/geometric-ish fonts:
FONTS! Fonts! Fonts! 15 Fun, Edgy and Free. | Monthly font series by www.blackandwhiteobsession.com // perfect for parties, invitations, weddings, printables, Christmas Cards, + more.

You can find all the fonts for free by clicking the links below:

--} Radical // Line and Draw One of my FAV's!
--} Stoked // Bamq
--} Bodacious // DeLarge
--} Stellar // Red Moon Rising
--} Fly // Paranoid
--} Ridiculous // Polar Vertex
--} Sick // Razor (pay with a tweet)
--} Gnarly // Variol
--} Ill // Inspira
--} Killer // Filament Font
--} Fetch // Geometric Way
--} Tubular // Creative Mind
--} Wicked // Oko
--} Tight // Nimiran
--} Righteous // Parley
--} Boss // Marte
--} Fresh // Clutchee
--} Phat // Hera

Fonts have a quadrillion uses, like printed envelopes (for those handwritten letters), printable artwork, iPhone/desktop backgrounds, birthday party invitations, Christmas Cards + a whole lot more.

But before I let you go, I simply must give a shout out to Austin from Austie Bost Fonts. You see a couple months ago, the universe came together... A font MAKER and a font LOVER. You have no idea how excited I was when a long time admired font creator left a comment on my blog asking little 'ol ME to contact her.

At first I thought "oh, no did I fail to give credit where it was due." Instead just the opposite, she wanted ME to get in on the creative process. I got to sit back and witness a font, Austie Bost Envelopes, come to life before my eyes. Never in a million years would I ever think these kind of opportunities could come my way. This is exactly why I love my job.

Now I know this font isn’t geometric but can we all marvel at it’s beauty?!
Austie Boast Envelopes Font | typography by black and white obsession | FONTS! Fonts! Fonts! Monthly font series by www.blackandwhiteobsession.com // perfect for parties, invitations, weddings, printables, Christmas Cards, + more.

So now I ask you, what kind of projects do you use fonts for?!

Are you also a font junkie? I have these wicked-awesome Pinterest boards specifically dedicated to fonts + typography and dedicated to Graphical Geniusesyou’re welcome!

Looking for more fonts within this series? You can find those here.



  1. I'm a total font junkie and yet I seem to always stick with the same ones.

  2. I'm getting an art deco style from these! Awesome collection!

  3. Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh!!!! It looks amazing! I absolutely love it!! I had a blast working with you, too-- !! *hugs*

  4. These are awesome, Trisha! Pinning!

  5. What a unique roundup! I'll be featuring this at the Project Parade tonight. Thanks for sharing!
    Army Wife to Suburban Life


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