15 #thriftscorethursday Skylark Camper Trailer

You Guys! I have been WAITING for today, very impatiently, all week long. You have no idea how hard it was not to spill the beans on our biggest #thriftscorethursday purchase to date! But first things first…

Welcome! Brynne from The Gathered Home and I (along with a new guest host each week) challenge YOU to scour your local thrift stores to find unique and interesting pieces! Call us Enablers, with a capital E. Just grab your camera (or cell phone), head to your local thrift stores, and show off your treasures using the #thriftscorethursday on Instagram or #thriftscorethursday on Twitter.

#thriftscorethursday Week 29 | Trisha from Black and White Obsession, Brynne's from The Gathered Home, and Guest Poster: Gretchen from Boxy Colonial

This week, give a warm welcome to our guest host, Gretchen from Boxy Colonial. Both Brynne and I had the privilege of eating a few dinners with Gretchen at Haven.

2 August Giveaway!! Silhouette CAMEO + ALL Starter Kits!

Who's ready for another crafty giveaway?! If your hand is held super high, then today is your lucky day, because we have a HUGE Silhouette Giveaway (only my favorite crafting tool, ever!)

I've partnered with Silhouette America and over 30 wonderful blogs to bring you all the supplies you need to complete any Silhouette project you can imagine. Everything from stamping your latest fabric pattern obsession, to custom clothing, and as many textbook covers you can dream up, with this prize package you'll be crafting the weekend away!

Ultimate Silhouette Giveaway
Hosted by:

Silhouette America 
The Pinning Mama
Whether you craft rain or shine, or get lost browsing for Silhouette Inspiration on Pinterest, you've probably seen some of the outrageous things this machine can do! If you're like me and you challenge yourself to create everything by hand (or machine), then you'll want to get your hands on this prize package:

HUGE Silhouette CAMEO Giveaway (including ALL starter kits) at Black and White Obsession, ends 8/28/14 12am EST. Valued at over $550! | www.blackandwhiteobsession.com #giveaway

7 #thriftscorethursday Antique Sewing Machine

I am so glad you’re here today!! It just so happens to be one of my favorite days of the week because it’s… #thriftscorethursday! I cannot wait to dish about my thrifty find this week, it’s really old!

Before we head off to the thrift store treasures ahead, just wanted to mention that I’m also over All Things Thrifty today sharing a camping printable perfectly fitting for Labor Day (and may be a little teaser about next week’s TST).
Free Printable Camping Wall Art DOWNLOAD | All things Thrifty contributor Trisha D from Black and White Obsession

Alright, so if you’re new here (howdy!) Brynne from The Gathered Home and I (well mostly Brynne) created this challenge to share our love of thrifting with the interwebs. That and to creep on thrifted finds from around the world.

In other words, please accept our invitation to the best hashtag party around. Just snag a shot of your thrifted find and slap the #thriftscorethursday on Instagram. Then get ready to be jealous over everyone’s thrifted finds.

Oh and we’ve recently added guest hosts to the mix! This week we have the super crafty Michelle from Weekend Craft, please give her a warm welcome! #thriftscorethursday Week 28 | Trisha from Black and White Obsession, Brynne's from The Gathered Home, and Guest Poster: Michelle from Weekend Craft

22 Back to School: Geometric Paper Bag Textbook Covers

Remember back in the day when you used paper bags to cover all your textbooks?! I have fond memories of doodle-fests in homeroom, mostly with the latest boy crush, and dorky name compatibility games. But then the perfectionist in me always longed for pretty cover designs.

Boy how I wish I had my silhouette back then because then the sky truly is the limit:
Simple Back to School: Geometric Paper Bag Textbook Covers| www.blackandwhiteobsession.com #silhouette #silhouettecameo

My favorite part was probably choosing fun scripty fonts to use on the spines:
Simple Back to School: Geometric Paper Bag Textbook Covers, Spines| www.blackandwhiteobsession.com #silhouette #silhouettecameo

6 #thriftscorethursday Vintage Polaroid Cameras

Howdy, and welcome to #thriftscorethursday, week 27! 

For those of you who are new, Brynne from The Gathered Home and I (along with a new guest host each week) are challenging anyone who has access to Instagram to scour your second hand stores/garage sales and slap the hashtag #thriftscorethursday on your finds so we can all marvel at your killer purchase (or #catchandrelease).
#thriftscorethursday Week 27 | Trisha from Black and White Obsession, Brynne's from The Gathered Home, and Guest Poster: Paula from Virginia Sweet Pea

This week, we’re honored to have Paula from Virginia Sweet Pea. She really is just the sweetest. At Haven, we got to chatting about some of our FAVORITE thrifty purchases over the years. Boy does she have me beat!

3 John Legend’s “All of Me” Inspired Desktop Backgrounds

I’m pretty sure you all heard the glorious lyrics from the song “All of Me” belted from extremely talented John Legend. If not go take a listen. I promise you’ll want to sing those sweet words to your significant other on the top of your lungs. And then you may just have to write a sappy love letter placed on the bed then throw in a rose petal trail to the bed. What can I say the lyrics are just so infectious!

That’s why I’ve created a set of these FREE “All of Me” desktop backgrounds. As a daily reminder to be happy and simply love.
Five Free John Legend’s “All of Me” inspired desktop backgrounds| www.blackandwhiteobsession.com

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