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It’s Thursday which means your weekly dose of #thriftscorethursday is on the docket. Today I’m hitting you with a vintage find, so hold on tight folks!

First of all, I simply must let you in on a little secret: you guys make Thursdays my most favorite day of the week!! Seeing all the thrifty inspiration… seriously, I’m crazy impressed.

Once upon a time there were these three lovely ladies who pride themselves on spotting the best thrifty pieces. They decided to join forces and ask their friends to join in the madness. That, my friends is how #thriftscorethursday was born folks!
#thriftscorethursday Week 6 | Trisha from Black and White Obsession, Brynne's from The Gathered Home, and Megan from Rental Revival
I’ve simply must boast about my favorites from last week:
#thriftscorethursday Week 6 Features |Instagram user: Eveislestudios shows off this shiny Medieval Times ice bucket
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Seriously WOW. You best believe this Medieval Times ice bucket would be a mighty fine conversation piece in any bar or even on a bar cart!! Poor Debra from Eve Isle Studios had buyer’s remorse, and I don’t blame her one bit!

Then, I harassed hustled @HeartsAndSharts enough that she spewed out a few of her past thrifty finds:
#thriftscorethursday Week 6 Twitter Conversation | www.blackandwhiteobsession.com
Which lead to this beauty:
#thriftscorethursday Week 6 Features |Twitter user: HeartsAndSharts shows off this shiny Medieval Times ice bucket
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That’s one mighty fine Renaissance chair! When I first laid eyes on that puppy I was immediately struck with envy. I mean we have our own set of director’s chairs, but just look at those curves! My my how that sucka would have looked far better for our outdoor movie nights than ours!! But then again, it didn’t have a twin, so it wouldn’t have worked for us.

And now for my vintage find:
#thriftscorethursday Week 6 Vintage Hanson Nursery Scale | www.blackandwhiteobsession.com
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I managed to find this Vintage Hanson Nursery Scale (Model 3025) at the very back of my favorite thrift store. Sadly it was $34.99 (too steep for my cheapskate self, so I passed) but I found them selling online from places like Etsy anywhere from $38-$125. Looks like it could have had a decent resale value. RATS! When looking into the piece, it seems as though it hailed from Chicago during the 1920’s (depression era) and parents/doctors used it to track their baby’s weight (obviously).

Eitherway, I think the vintage infant scale would be a great addition to any retro themed nursery. I could easily see it on a floating shelf amongst other vintage treasures. The teal and peachy colors are perfect for a boy or girls room.

Well that’s all for week 6, my lovelies! Please tell me you’ll follow along with Brynne from The Gathered Home, Megan from Rental Revival and I! It’s crazy easy to play along my friends:
  1. Snap a photo of something that catches your eye or you decided to splurge on from anyplace secondhand (Craigslist, Thrift Stores, Auctions etc).
  2. Share your photo with the hashtag #thriftscorethursday on Twitter and/or #thriftscorethursday on Instagram (if your profile is public), any day of the week!

You could be featured next Thursday as your hosts Brynne, Megan and I dish out our favorite scores every week.

Do you find pieces that end up having significant resale values? Do you kick yourself for passing on them?!
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#thriftscorethursday Brynne's treasures from The Gathered Home
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#thriftscorethursday Megan's treasures from Rental Revival
Or click here. You can also find her hash-tagging on Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. Wow, that scale is just too cool! I'm with you on the price though... I would've had to walk away, even if it's worth more! Ooooh - but I just had a thought - wouldn't that be the sweetest prop for newborn photography?! That's it: I'll become a photographer to justify the "business expense" ;)

    1. I'm about to run to the thriftscore to see if it's still there!! I know quite a few pregger ladies... You're a genius Brynne!!

  2. wow awesome features loveing this fun Thursday features

    1. Thanks ARod!! We're having a blast! Hope you'll join!!

  3. My grandmother had a baby scale just like that in her basement. It would look so cute in a nursery as a fun decoration.

    1. Awe you're so lucky! Looks like you may just have to go 'picking' ha! I totally agree! Thanks for stopping by girl!


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