3 #thriftscorethursday Antique Buffet

Aaand we’re back! #thriftscorethursday is alive and thriving, because of each and every one of you.

So as you may remember, Brynne from The Gathered Home, Megan from Rental Revival and I are showing off our favorite/humorous/unique secondhand purchases or finds. And the best part?! We’re challenging you to do the same by strutting your stuff showing off your treasures using the #thriftscorethursday on Instagram or #thriftscorethursday on Twitter.
#thriftscorethursday Week 4 | Trisha from Black and White Obsession, Brynne's from The Gathered Home, and Megan from Rental Revival

The bargains and the retro pieces last week--garsh it’s hard to restrain myself over here!! It was so hard to choose, but the ones that stood out the most were:
The trendy world may be sooo over Owls, but they’re always welcome in my home. So glad TS Finds snatched these beauties up and gave them a good home!

I would be a nincompoop for leaving out these dueling brassy roosters:
Julia from Cuckoo 4 Design’s hubby really knows a way to a girl’s heart!

This week’s #thriftscorethursday find, originates from one of my favorite local chains:
As I’m beginning to research furniture pieces, I’m realizing there are many different names which ‘define’ a furniture pieces. So while I would call this piece a Buffet (as my mother called hers), it could also be called a sideboard, a huntboard, a server, and even a stretch to say a Credenza (per these guidelines).

After reading that Jeanette (from Snazzy Little Things) scored her similar but more ornate piece for $115, I realized that the hefty $75 price tag (to me and my cheap self) may have actually been a steal. Maybe if I go back it’ll still be there?

Of course my imagination runs wild when I see worn pieces like this so immediately I thought painting the piece- as it was deeply scratched. Since the piece is so dark, which downplays its curvy features, I think a very light color or even white would accentuate the details. Taking it a step further, I’d paint this curvy arch stencil on each the top of each drawer in a subtle light grey to give it a classy look. Then, I’d swap out the worn knobs for drawer pulls like these (in pewter).  

That’s all for this week. Please tell me you’ll follow along with us, it’s super easy to play my friends:
  1. Snap a picture of anything you found interesting or even purchased from a Thrift Store, Craigslist, Estate sale, Yard Sale, Auction, Consignment Store, or anyplace secondhand.
  2. Share your photo on Instagram and/or Twitter, any day of the week!
  3. Tag your image with #thriftscorethursday on Twitter and/or Instagram.
  4. Feature: Next Thursday, your hosts Brynne, Megan and I will dish out our favorite scores of the week.

What would you call the piece of furniture I passed on? How would you transform it? Have you found any antique pieces that make you daydream?
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#thriftscorethursday Brynne's treasures from The Gathered Home
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#thriftscorethursday Megan's treasures from Rental Revival
Or click here. You can also find her hash-tagging on Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. I love the buffet, but I love even more that you shared how you would put your own unique spin on it! Which would be killer! I always tend to bawk at prices over $50, and then I think about how much a dresser or chair or desk would cost at Ikea and feel better about spending $75 or $100 (gulp!).

    1. In total agreement, anything over $50 (especially if there's some elbow grease required), is a bit out of my cheapskate league.

  2. that thing is a beauty go get it girl


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