7 Freebie Goal Setting Worksheet

Interestingly enough, last January 7th I committed to a few resolutions- shield your eyes from the painfully lame graphics last year. On the other hand, yay for keeping the tradition alive! In August, I revisited them giving you a sneak peek into today’s freebie printable. But before we get to the freebie, let’s recap last year's resolutions and peak at the new goals this year.
Black and White Obsession 2013 Resolution Results
Get organized- documents: 70% Failed. I did coax my sister into purging some documents (hey it was in exchange for free babysitting, mmk?). I did however, complete most of the extra credit and transferred and all my documents to an external hard drive. I’m about 75% through purging and then just need to make additional backups.

Be on Time/Early: 80% Succeed. I give total credit to my on time/early beau, it was contagious.

Less Food Waste: 75% Succeed. We didn’t start a weekly menu, yet we still managed to have less food waste. I contribute most of our success to our cracking down on frugal ways. We also started a garden this past year and a lot of what we grew went back into canning. Through having a garden, we also realized that a lot of our kitchen waste was reused on our compost pile.

300 readers per day: 85% success. Average daily page views are right around that mark.

10 Photo shoots: 7 Shoots this year thisclose.

Educate: 110% finished the blog class AND went to Haven. This year was a complete learning experience and I cannot wait to continue learning how to become a better blogger with every post.

Overall, it was a successful year even if they weren’t all achieved to their fullest. I must say it truly helped to sit down in August and re-evaluate.
Black and White Obsession 2014 Goals
Take time to enjoy life. Easy as that. Blogs are time sucks but there’s also a life out there to live.

Triple social media. Consistent Giveaways (at least once a month). Follow more influencers.

Stats as of 1/6/14: Facebook 1042 | Google + 170 | Twitter 732 | Pinterest 1843 | HomeTalk 51 | Instagram 148 | Bloglovin 30 | Total: 4,016

Monetize. Open an Etsy shop. Finish and Launch Photography site. Gain sponsorships.

Maintain a realistic Blogging Schedule. Last year around this time I was posting every week day. The summer slowed down and maybe 1-2 posts. Not very consistent at all.

Prepare blog posts at least 2 weeks ahead of schedule (a FREE BLOGGER planner launching next Wednesday should help).

Automate by thinking smarter not harder. Last year I began making templates for repetitive actions (like blog posts and specific photos). This year I’d like to kick them up a notch and spread them across all daily tasks.

Alright so I promised a freebie, and I shall deliver. Presenting a S.M.A.R.T. Goal setting worksheet:
Black and White Obsession | Freebie Goal Setting Worksheet
Have you ever heard of setting S.M.A.R.T. goals? It’s a concept that I became all too familiar with in the corporate world. Basically you define your goals Specifically, Measurably, Attainably, Relevantly, and Timely. You better believe now that I’ve set the goals that they’ll run through the exercise even further to *hopefully* obtain a better ratio than last year.

Black and White Obsession SMART Goal Setting Worksheet
This goal worksheet is just a peek inside the upcoming Blog Planner, so stay tuned folks!!

What are your goals this year? Do you define them “smartly?” har har.



  1. I love your graphic style! I'm so glad that you've found something you like and are proud of in the design department. I tend to shy away from resolutions (I fail too often), but maybe if I put your SMART system to work I can try to succeed at at least one goal! Thanks for the awesome post!

    1. Awe thanks Kristy, its my newest passion and it's so much fun (in a totally nerdy way of course!). I hear ya on the resolution failures (heck most of mine failed) but I find if I don't try to put something down (especially to the interwebs) I feel like I don't have anything to strive for. I hope you give the SMART system a try because it really helps you narrow down and define HOW you will achieve the goals. Good luck this year my friend!!

  2. Love this post Trisha - I think you've done a fantastic job with your goals. I remember your redesign last year and your whole blog really went up a notch!

    I work in HR and am oh so familiar with SMART goal setting, it's great to see them being used in other ways though.

    1. Awe thanks Sammi, you're too sweet. Now I just have to drill them down and really make them "S.M.A.R.T" haha.

      Sooo glad to hear I'm not the only one who knows the system!

  3. Thanks for this worksheet. Putting it to good use :)

  4. Just wanted to say Thank you for this! :) I have needed one of these forever! :)

  5. Thank you so much! I love the worksheet!


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