10 Punny Yet Quirky Luggage Tags

Back in September when the holidays weren’t so in-yo-face, well maybe some Halloween pinterest oogling, a few ladies from the Silhouette Challenge Facebook group (you know the one I’ve been desperately trying to keep up with) came up with a spectacular idea. Coming off the heels of their wildly-successful Silhouette Stash-Buster Swap (check out this post for how one of the swaps went down), they organized a Holiday Gift Tag Exchange. It was an event of epic proportions where 30+ extremely creative ladies came together and created their own vision of holiday gift tags so we could spread the craftiness cheer this Holiday Season.

If you follow me on Instagram, (if not you totally should, there’s sneak peeks galore!) then you already knew that back in October, something was a-cookin’:

Whoa whoa whoa, let’s back up a little bit.

Traditionally, my gift tags seem to be rather bland… more often than not I grabbed a pack of store bought tags slapped on some tape and called it good. I knew it was high time to give our gifts a little pizazz this holiday season.

I cannot tell you how excited I was finding out that the exchange instructions were rather open to the type of tags everyone could submit:
All giddy excited to make and receive a bunch of holiday gift tags, I got to brainstorming. I knew mine just HAD to fit in the ‘other’ category. During a late night chat with the beau bouncing ideas off him, gift tags turned into luggage tags. Our luggage tags haven’t been updated since probably 2-3 houses ago and I’m sure there’s quite a few exchangees out there in the same boat.

That morning after scouring Etsy for inspiration, I stumbled upon an entire shop dedicated to fun and quirky luggage tags. That shop master was non-other than CestSuperbe.
You can purchase this and other playful tags here. P.S. I think we're twinsies with our writing style, eh?
I knew quirky ‘speak to me tags’ were JUST what the Doctor ordered.

Somehow my internet surfing-limited attention span came across this ridiculously awesome TMNT shirt (also from Etsy, just a different owner):
MMM Nachos. You can purchase this t-shirt as a Christmas present for yours truly here
Any size will do, I’m not picky.
Armed with Mexican food on the brain, a nacho craving soon followed. Then bam, the vision and the rest was history:
In case you were blown away by the luggage tag’s puntastically-delicious-ness, the front says “Back off, this is Nacho Bag” and the back tactfully thanks other passengers for not stealing their bag.

A few hours of designing, two trips to Office Max, a few passes through the Silhouette, and an hour or so later and those suckas were finished and to be shipped off to their new owners. Don't you just wanna update your old and moldy tags from three addresses ago?

Since the holidays are arriving shortly, which usually involves travel, why give my fellow tag exchange ladies the option to update an old luggage tag.

Oh and did I mention I attempted some mobile crafting?

(Check out the comments, there's a Chammillionaire craft reference to be giggled over)
Sheer dedication my friends. It was quite the experience annnd totally do-able my friends!

Somehow the best part of the gift tag exchange was yet to come. After hanging out by the mailbox wrapped in a few layers of blankets, my group of tags arrived. Let me tell ya, the other fabulously crafty ladies did not let me down. Just look at all the stellar tags:
Wowza, those ladies sure know how to knock your socks off, am I right?! I cannot wait to tag every gift we give this holiday season. Hmm, I think Kaiah wouldn’t mind a little tag action to her dog bones?

I'd call the entire experience a success. Here's to hoping this will become an annual tradition!! A big thanks to Kim Lemke for hosting the entire event!!

Want a pair of puntastically delicious luggage tags? They’ll be coming soon to a Black and White Obsessions Etsy Store near you.

Check out all 'dem goodies from the gift tag exchange:.

P.S. I was not paid or perked from the inspirational Etsy owners; I just happily showed off their inspiring work.



  1. This is fantastic in every way. Still giggling over "nacho bag" and man, that little nacho of yours has certainly got some eyebrows on him! You could sell these and become a billionaire.

    1. Sing it with me now "I wanna be a billionaire so friggin baaadd..."

  2. Also I forgot to mention... crafting on the go? In a moving vehicle? With a Silhouette Cameo in your lap? HARD.CORE.BLOGGER.

    1. It wasn't a moving vehicle at that time, I'm not exactly going for the Edward Scissorshands look! Yep, this girl loves to blog haha!

  3. Ooooo! You got some that I didn't (including one of mine, glee)! And cameo in the car? Wow! That reminds me of when I did some knitting in a convertible, no where near as extreme as you though! I can't even imagine how you would have the space to do that.

    1. Yay, I got one of yours, Kristy!! I hope to see all the tags you scored!!

      Knitting in a convertible, I can just picture yarn blowing in the wind! There wasn't much room in the car, the back seat actually came in handy!

  4. I laughed so hard when I opened yours up! So very cute - I am using mine this week on a trip to Dallas!!

    1. Yay!! I was going for laugh-tastic haha!

      Wahoo, glad to see they'll be put to use!!

  5. Oh my gosh - - these are AMAZING! If it's not in my bunch, I am so making one because me and my pun-loving self NEED one. You are my soul-sister, I swear.

    Annnnd, I'm so excited to the first photo of the tags! If you haven't already, would you post that in the group? Show off the collection of tags you got? It made me so excited to the see the beautiful variety! I agree - - such a talented group, and you are no exception, my dear.

    1. Ah, you're making me blush (as usual) Lauren!! If you don't get my tag, I'd love to see what you come up with!! Soul-sister indeed!

      P.S. Posted the stash to the group per your request :D


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