10 Black and White Christmas Tree (with a Dash of Red)

Black and White Christmas Tree (with a Dash of Red)

As briefly mentioned on Friday, we had a recent passing in the family that has put us a little out of the holiday spirit this year. Sure we helped the beaus mom put up her tree this year, but in our own home-- well we had plans. Big plans, including chopping down this sadly wrongly-placed pine-ish tree on our lot but then it got cold. And it snowed.
Black and White Obsessions Christmas Tree from our lot
We also figured-- we’re not hosting anyone or any parties this year, so maybe we’ll pass this time around. Who knows its December 16th, we still have time right?!

So instead of being all bah hum-bug-ish let’s travel back in time, to last year.  It was our very first real tree, on our first Christmas in our new home…

Did you notice that cute little penguin wreath holder on the door?! I had to dig for that bad boy- he was on the bottom shelf way in the corner on clearance for $2.50. If you squint real hard, you may be able to see his cute little mitten hands. Oh and that wreath, it was a Michael's end of the end Christmas clearance. He actually had an adorable 3 foot Santa in the center with a charger underneath, and was supposed to be used as a centerpiece. They looked far better apart. Originally $100 marked down to $15. Cheah, draw dropping steal if you ask me.

Guess you could say it's my Christmas hoarding secret- end of season clearance.

The beau picked up our bad baby real Christmas tree after working a 12 hour shift and hadn’t noticed that the stump was crooked.

Bless his heart, instead of getting upset we embraced the slight misfortune and got ready to roll-up our sleeves and fix it DIY style. Somehow we managed to ghetto rig slap a piece of wood in there for stability, secure with a couple hundred nails, brush the pine needles off our arms, and call it good.
Black and White Obsessions wonky first real Christmas Tree
Hardly noticeable, right? Once ornaments are on the tree, you’ll barely notice the wood support.

The overall look we were going for, well I was going for since the beau just said “I like Red,” was [surprise, surprise] Black and White. And upon the beaus request there were some sprinkles of red to keep him quiet happy.

Our tree skirt, was a thrifted woman’s skirt, ironically. The original plan for that skirt was to turn it into pillows. Good thing it didn’t suffer that fate because it was just the right size to cover up the ‘ol green tree stand.
Black and White Obsessions first real Christmas Tree skirt

Almost all of our ornaments were carefully collected over the years and even braved through a cross-country move (from California). Every single one of those puppies were purchased AFTER Christmas. When ornaments are notoriously marked down. I’m usually patient enough to wait until the 90% off sale at Hobby Lobby. Sure many things are picked over but it sure beats $5-$10 an ornament.
Black and White Obsessions ornaments

My favorite purchase were these medium sized black and white damask fuzzy ones:
Black and White Obsessions damask ornaments

I believe they were originally $5 per bulb and I snagged the entire row for just under $1 each. I realize damask is sooo 2011, but something about the bulbs on the tree made them so glam…

Growing up, my favorite kind of ornaments were the interactive kind. The more bells, whistles, and thingamajigs the better. Of course those are the most expensive and usually hail from the Hallmark goddesses. So as I grew up, I’ve grown to appreciate unique ornaments, which brings me to my favorite guys:
Black and White Obsessions santa pants ornament

Santa’s Pants, the coat was floating elsewhere on the tree. Their miniature size gets me every time. That tiny hanger the little details… Even if the charming ornament didn’t fit some tree ‘theme’ in the future, I’d find a way to hide that puppy in the tree.

We fully bedazzled the house last year but alas only captured the tree and tablescape, which will be coming soon!

Do you theme your tree? How do you deck your halls? Have any links or post any photos of your Holiday Decor on tumbler? Feel free to share your link(s) below, I’ll drool all over their beauty- PROMISE!

Megan from Rental Revival brings the BEST band/musical ornaments to the table er tree. Her gorgeous pup even makes an appearance...

A very Rental Revival Xmas
All week long Megan and I will be bringing on the Holiday Cheer! So stay tuned!

Red and Green Velvet Holiday Trifle Continue the Holiday Spirit Simple Christmas Tablescape



  1. love your stuff from last year those demask balls oh my you still have time if you feel up to it go ahead do it

    1. Awe thanks ARod! We may just throw a tree up this year... guess we're slackers!

  2. The black, white & red looks AWESOME! I think it's genius that you used a woman's skirt as a tree skirt!

    1. It was one of those 'duh' moments when I saw it lying on a pile of fabrics...

  3. I am so glad you decided to give yourselves some Holiday cheer, even in the middle of all you and your family is going through...

    On a lighter note, I am totally in love with those santa pants! They are absolutely adorable!

    1. Yeah, it's a tough decision.

      There's a matching coat that I failed to take a photo of...

      Thanks for stopping by Christine, you totally made my day!

  4. Your tree looks so pretty! I am in love with the fuzzy damask ornament (Damask will never die in my eyes. It's like chevron to me. I have a hard time letting go of my beloved trends). Santa's pants are squeal-worthy.

  5. I love the black and white tree! I've seen a lot of Christmas tree color schemes/themes but I haven't seen a black and white one! I love it!

    Marie H.

    1. Awe thanks Marie!! The beau loves red so much that I didn't want to disappoint by omitting it all together.

  6. I love the color combos and the damask ornament!


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