4 New Year’s Eve Party Invitation (Free Cut File)

Hope y’all had a stellar Holiday, and continue the cheer into the New Year. For those procrastinators, such as myself, I have JUST the thing to save your tush! How about a New Year’s Party Invitation (for the Silhouette Cameo)?
This year the beau and I are joining our friends for a New Year’s Eve weekend (er weekday?) getaway- so sadly we won’t be putting these bad boys to use. However, for those of you brave enough to host a party- I created a pretty snazzy geometric-style invitation just for you. And guess what?! I’m even giving it away as a free Silhouette (SVG) file, for those of you lucky enough to have a Silhouette Cameo/Portrait or scored one for Christmas (you good girl/guy you!!).

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Like the Simpsons Invitations, it has layers- two, to be exact. One for the Front-- the geometric shape and one for the Back-- the invitation details.

  1. Download the files (front and back)
  2. Download the free fonts (here and here), here are instructions to install fonts (includes Windows, MAC, Linux).
  3. Open the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop Invitation- back file first.
    • Ungroup the design.
    • Edit the invitation wording to fit your theme (insert the party address/change times).
    • Regroup the design (by highlighting all the pieces).
    • Copy and paste the design to fit as many per page as you can fit.
    • Using the print and cut feature, print, then cut- don’t forget to change your blade settings.
  4. Open the New Year’s Eve Drop Invitation- front file.
    • Copy and paste the design to fit as many per page as you can fit.
    • Using the print and cut feature, print, then cut- don’t forget to change your blade settings, especially if your front material is different than your back material.
  5. Glue front and back pieces together.
  6. The finished invitation measures 4.125 in x 4.190 in when looking or creating an envelope.
I used regular cardstock for both the front and back pieces in coordinating colors (black and white--my favorite!!). We have a normal 8.5x10 printer so the front file fits a few less invitations per page.

If you weren’t on Santa’s good kid list, don’t worry I’ll be hosting a Cameo giveaway next month so stay tuned!!

Whaddya think? Pretty neat?


  1. How fun is this?! I absolutely love the geometric shape...and the handwritten font on the other side suits the whimsical quality of this invitations so well. Makes me want to plan a New Year's Eve party just to use it! Lol. Thanks for the freebie!

    1. Awe Lauren, thanks so much! The geometric shape was a bit of work but totally worth it in the end. Always appreciate when you stop by!!

  2. greatttt thank you

  3. I love your sayings about yourself: I'm the DIY junkie, etc. I think you are a lot of fun to know. Thanks for the Freebie. Sandra.


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