7 Black and White (with a Dash of Red) Simple Holiday Tablescape

Continuing with our Black and White Obsessed (with a dash of red) theme, we put together a tablescape for a dinner party with our close friends. But before we get into the goods, promise you won’t judge us on our yucky-in-desperate-need-of-refinishing-floors mmk? Oh and the beaus “college” table... one of these days I’ll convince him to replace it with my matching and more appropriately sized kitchen table.

My favorite part of dressing up a table is finding fun objects around the house and throwing them together in an appetizing way. Our table is no exception:
Black and White with a Dash of Red Simple Holiday Tablescape

Everything we used for this get-up were things we already had on hand. To me, there’s just something about breathing life into some hoarded hidden away dishes and creatively using our every-day dinnerware. It gets me all giddy-excited to have some fun and play around. In this case it was particularly amusing to experiment with varying heights, adding and removing pieces-- until coming up with our fun little masterpiece.

The centerpiece is sort of strewn throughout the table, this particular area was a martini glass gathering. Bells were scattered in and out of the glasses with a cute candy ornament thrown in there for a dash of color.
Black and White with a Dash of Red Simple Holiday Tablescape Centerpiece

Admittedly, I have a bit of an obsession with glass- I’m drawn to unique pieces like a mad woman. Every trip to the thrift store or yard sales- I kid you not- the beau has to pull me away from the glassware area every.single.time. He may or may not have to peel my precious ring friend from my arms.

That glass obsession turned into Martini Glasses and of course Martinis themselves. For some reason their unique V-shape had me at hello… This glass obsession morphed into an impressive martini glass collection in which most of it is packed away or on the very tip top shelf (waaay out of reach). So for me, bringing those bad boys to life was just the icing on my holiday cake er trifle.
Black and White with a Dash of Red Simple Holiday Tablescape Varying Heights

Did you notice those sneaky table legs, I call 'em my elf legs. Scored those bad boys for under a dollar each at Pier One during their killer After-Christmas-Clearance in 2011.

I’m not saying it’s the best way to display salt and pepper shakers, but I knew I had to throw in the red and white plate (scored for 10 cents at a yard sale!!) to tie all the colors together. I’m surprised my glass-obsessed self hasn’t found the perfect salt and pepper shakers to replace those rusty fellas.
Black and White with a Dash of Red Simple Holiday Tablescape Intricate Plate Salt and Pepper

I'm particularly grateful I was able to capture my two favorite martini glasses- the twin Eiffel Towers (another passion of mine)- my babies. Sadly I lost one earlier this year to a quick yet painful dish collision. The other was sent to glass heaven more recently, when going to fill 'er up, I skimmed it against a sharp corner and busted into a bagillion pieces. RIP babies. I wouldn't hate it if some replacements magically appeared on my doorstep for Christmas this year... just sayin'

From this angle you can sort of see a cheapie and bulk bottle of Vodka from COSTCO (cheah achieving booze and class in the same setting, who does that?!) which adds a little glamour and fun. It’s just to the left of the trifle bowl in case you missed it.
Black and White with a Dash of Red Simple Holiday Tablescape Booze and Living Room

Oddly enough I hadn’t planned our Holiday color scheme. Everything just sort of fell into place. Collecting things over the years helped me find that I’m drawn to specific colors, styles and patterns. Somehow even our chandelier and couch match the color scheme. I know I haven’t properly introduced either bad-boys to the blog yet but you better believe we’ll be logging more ceiling and lounge time in the near future…

Have you ever put together a tablescape? Do you use things you have lying around? Have you ever gone with the flow and threw stuff together until it looked just right? DO TELL my dearies!!

P.S. I was not paid or perked by Pier One or sweet yard sale families; I just go about buying stuff from random places and gush about how they rock my world.

Are you ready to see some serious vintage manscaping, I mean mantle-scaping, I mean- just go check out her decked out mantle....

A Very Rental Revival Xmas: The Playlist

Check out her record-dropping mantle by clicking the image above. This is the very last post Megan and I worked on this Christmas, hope you’ve enjoyed the holiday inspiration!

Black and White + Red Christmas TreeRed and Green Velvet Holiday Trifle

Lastly, please remember...


  1. Your martini glass centerpiece is so cute! Bonus: I can totally see this table setting working for New Years as well since it isn't overwhelmingly Christmassy! P.S. Your Gollum reference totally made my day :)

    1. The Gollum reference totally ruled.

    2. Haven't seen the movies in forever, but I can still hear the tone in his voice!

      For real, when we all get together and go thrift store shopping together, best to back.away.from.the.glass because I may or may not pull some ninja moves!

    3. Oh and Brynne, never really considered using the tablescape over such a good catch! We could replace the bells with some other fun fillers... you 'da best!

  2. LOL, manscaping has a whole new meaning..... :)

    1. So glad you caught that little slip-up in judgement har har.

  3. okay, this was seriously enjoyable and I love the total look of the table.


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