4 New Year’s Eve Party Invitation (Free Cut File)

Hope y’all had a stellar Holiday, and continue the cheer into the New Year. For those procrastinators, such as myself, I have JUST the thing to save your tush! How about a New Year’s Party Invitation (for the Silhouette Cameo)?
This year the beau and I are joining our friends for a New Year’s Eve weekend (er weekday?) getaway- so sadly we won’t be putting these bad boys to use. However, for those of you brave enough to host a party- I created a pretty snazzy geometric-style invitation just for you. And guess what?! I’m even giving it away as a free Silhouette (SVG) file, for those of you lucky enough to have a Silhouette Cameo/Portrait or scored one for Christmas (you good girl/guy you!!).

3 Merry Christmas from Black and White Obsession (free printable)

Tomorrow kicks off the Holiday festivities here in the Black and White Obsession household and before I took some 'official time' to back.away.from.the.computer. I wanted to wish y'all a very Happy Holidays and give a 'lil sumtin' sumthin' to my fantabulous readers...
Merry Christmas from Black and White Obsession | Free Printable | Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal
You're welcome to download the 8.5x10 inch PDF here 
without the B&W Obsesion logo, of course.

Hope you had a chance to cuddle up on the couch with some hot cocoa and giggle along to Home Alone this year!

Wishing you a happy and safe holiday!

Looking for more Christmas goodies from Black and White Obsession?

Black and White + Red Christmas TreeRed and Green Velvet Holiday Trifle  Continue the Holiday Spirit Simple Christmas Tablescape


7 Black and White (with a Dash of Red) Simple Holiday Tablescape

Continuing with our Black and White Obsessed (with a dash of red) theme, we put together a tablescape for a dinner party with our close friends. But before we get into the goods, promise you won’t judge us on our yucky-in-desperate-need-of-refinishing-floors mmk? Oh and the beaus “college” table... one of these days I’ll convince him to replace it with my matching and more appropriately sized kitchen table.

My favorite part of dressing up a table is finding fun objects around the house and throwing them together in an appetizing way. Our table is no exception:
Black and White with a Dash of Red Simple Holiday Tablescape

Everything we used for this get-up were things we already had on hand. To me, there’s just something about breathing life into some hoarded hidden away dishes and creatively using our every-day dinnerware. It gets me all giddy-excited to have some fun and play around. In this case it was particularly amusing to experiment with varying heights, adding and removing pieces-- until coming up with our fun little masterpiece.

50 Green and Red Velvet Holiday Trifle

Every year we challenged with what dish to pass at our holiday gatherings. We’re always striving for beauty AND slightly festive. Our little Red and Green Velvet Holiday Trifle concoction fit the bill completely. It’s ridiculously easy and was such a hit. The best part is that friends and family are STILL talking about it (a year later)!!

We made two batches for Christmas Eve and Christmas day family gatherings the evening before the 24th. We are blessed to have two trifle bowls one regular and one with a lid (from pampered chef). I must say, the lidded one was more convenient than trying to wrangle plastic wrap and rubber bands.  
Green and Red Velvet Holiday Trifle Recipe

10 Black and White Christmas Tree (with a Dash of Red)

Black and White Christmas Tree (with a Dash of Red)

As briefly mentioned on Friday, we had a recent passing in the family that has put us a little out of the holiday spirit this year. Sure we helped the beaus mom put up her tree this year, but in our own home-- well we had plans. Big plans, including chopping down this sadly wrongly-placed pine-ish tree on our lot but then it got cold. And it snowed.
Black and White Obsessions Christmas Tree from our lot
We also figured-- we’re not hosting anyone or any parties this year, so maybe we’ll pass this time around. Who knows its December 16th, we still have time right?!

So instead of being all bah hum-bug-ish let’s travel back in time, to last year.  It was our very first real tree, on our first Christmas in our new home…

Did you notice that cute little penguin wreath holder on the door?! I had to dig for that bad boy- he was on the bottom shelf way in the corner on clearance for $2.50. If you squint real hard, you may be able to see his cute little mitten hands. Oh and that wreath, it was a Michael's end of the end Christmas clearance. He actually had an adorable 3 foot Santa in the center with a charger underneath, and was supposed to be used as a centerpiece. They looked far better apart. Originally $100 marked down to $15. Cheah, draw dropping steal if you ask me.

Guess you could say it's my Christmas hoarding secret- end of season clearance.

14 How to Throw a Last Minute Party, Part 5: The Story

Welcome back to the final installment of “How to Throw a Last Minute Party.” This fantidlyastic series is all about how I, a severe procrastinator, pulled together a Simpsons Themed party for my beau (he’s a huge fan) in just over a week. Of course I can't take all the credit, I had some friends and family to assist. Today I’ll be spilling the beans about the story of how it all went down.

You’ve already heard about the planning side of things, so I thought it’d be entertaining to recall how difficult it was to keep the party a secret. And of course, gushing about the beau’s reaction to his ‘main gift.’ There may have been a few beau guilt trips involved. So hang on tight folks because here we goo….

Oh and it shouldn’t go unnoticed that I am simply the worst poker-faced liar. Seriously, ask me to tell you that the grass is purple, I promise it won’t be pretty.

74 December HomeRight Holiday Bundle Giveaway

It seems like just yesterday that I offered some freebie recipe cards during the biggest giveaway to hit Black and White Obsession and as soon as you know it, we’ll be enjoying those decked halls…

Which brings me to today’s exciting and equally as ENORMOUS giveaway, for those last minute holiday shoppers! Or maybe you plan ahead, unlike myself, and your holiday shopping has been done since July. In which case you could reward yourself and even your family with a fantastic trio of goodies!!

3 Got Witty Witterson?

See what I did there? Got milk, +  witty witterson? Warning dorky jokes ahead…wait for it…

Guys, I’ve got a secret. I’ve been working on A LOT of behind the scenes stuff lately. Since I’m usually sharing sneak peeks and not exactly following up with them timely (uhh… entryway, photography site, anyone?) Boy have I got something in-store for you today, enter stage right:
It’s a Jazzy Phizal production  -er a Trisha D. production.

That my friends, is an all access pass to all the swaggilicious freebies curated by yours truly. SCORE!! Joining its Link Party Page friend in their published state, you best bet they’re ‘chock full of secret goodies. So stop over there and overload your Hard Drive my friends!

10 Punny Yet Quirky Luggage Tags

Back in September when the holidays weren’t so in-yo-face, well maybe some Halloween pinterest oogling, a few ladies from the Silhouette Challenge Facebook group (you know the one I’ve been desperately trying to keep up with) came up with a spectacular idea. Coming off the heels of their wildly-successful Silhouette Stash-Buster Swap (check out this post for how one of the swaps went down), they organized a Holiday Gift Tag Exchange. It was an event of epic proportions where 30+ extremely creative ladies came together and created their own vision of holiday gift tags so we could spread the craftiness cheer this Holiday Season.

If you follow me on Instagram, (if not you totally should, there’s sneak peeks galore!) then you already knew that back in October, something was a-cookin’:

Whoa whoa whoa, let’s back up a little bit.

Traditionally, my gift tags seem to be rather bland… more often than not I grabbed a pack of store bought tags slapped on some tape and called it good. I knew it was high time to give our gifts a little pizazz this holiday season.

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