2 Radio Silent

Alright friends, I admit I went radio silent last week on the blog. What can I say, things got overly busy and outta control. I was hoping to make up for it over on Instagram. If you didn't catch the crazy week, here's a little recap...

It all started with a goal to fix some errors on this lil 'ol blog, which morphed into adding a new page:

Go ahead check out the new Link Party Page. You know you wanna.

Sure the page probably took longer than it should have *cough 10 hours cough* but when inspiration strikes... you MUST take advantage of it. Maybe I should have been focusing my efforts on, you know, actually getting paid for this little gig.

Probably the BEST thing that happened last week was being featured not once but TWICE last week. Yep, I had the honor of revamping some fun posts over on two fabulous blogs.
First was my girl Becky at Sketchy Styles showing off my blog refresh (fitting that the new Link Party page was finalized the same week, eh?):

If you haven't already, stop over to Becky's site for exclusive details and some dorky talk on the blog refresh. While you're at it, why not enter her $500 giftcard giveaway?! Good luck my friends.
Second was the lovely Mandy from The Unhinged Home, who graciously showed off my Directors Chair transformation:
Check out the quickie version of the transformation over on Mandy's blog (think, a lot less blabbering words than the original post). Oh and stay tuned because I'll be featuring her tomorrow!

Then it was time to donate blood to the Vampires. For real, the Red Cross ladies and gents were dressed up as vampires. I think I saw a witch somewhere in there.
Somewhere in the crazy mix, I failed to realize that our little town held trick-or-treating on the weekend as opposed to the actual night-- I blame it on winterizing our house. So I got dressed up for nothing, whop whop, fail.

Then the beau decided that we were going run a bathroom remodel marathon, for a friend of ours, this past weekend. As in, it started Friday (uh, heads up would have been nice) and finishing Sunday evening. Guess I should have realized the remodel was coming since we had a ton of extra supplies lying around.
Be still my friends, you will see the lovely transformation one of these days/weeks/months. Yep our friend, the homeowner, let us crash her house! Aka let me be her personal DIY Paparazzi!

At least the time change provided an extra hour of sleep, otherwise this girl would have been too exhausted to move this morning!

Have you ever watched a week fly by without realizing it? How about being bombarded with a surprise bathroom remodel?



  1. I love that you throw out awesome design like it's no big deal. You do amazing work with fonts my friend!

    So happy to have you on my blog :)

    1. Ya its ONLY 10-ish hours of work. No Biggie! Thanks for always being awesome Becky!


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