14 Blogger’s Furry Families- Around the Blogosphere No. 3 + Two Announcements!

Konnichiwa, my friends, Happy Friday! That super fun word to pronounce is actually Japanese for Hello. Whenever I hear/say it, I’m always reminded of this Karmin song. What better way to celebrate “fun” by playing along with Around the Blogosphere

This neat little series showcases fun topics from the most creative blog friends (or co-workers if you will) I know. Today's theme is Blogger’s Furry Families er pets so get ready for some collective AWE’s… 

To kick things off, let’s begin with our first announcement. Introducing the newest member of our little family:
Her name is Kaiah, if she looks a bit familiar it’s because we puppy sat for her a while back. The beau was so sad when she went back home, so when the opportunity arose to take ownership we pounced—and the beau was ECSTATIC! She's adjusted really well to our home and she loves the freedom of our ginormous backyard.

My girl Megan from Rental Revival decided to adopt her pup, Petunia, last winter. If you only have time to check out one awe-tastic, totally relatable stories today, its Megan's reasons to adopt.

They have had a few bumps in the road along the way but check out how Petunia's adjusted thus far here.

Then there's Becky's from Ramblings from the Burbs GIANT pooch Kayden. I think he may give Kaiah a run for her money. I mean just look at him, he looks so soft doesn't he?! Unfortunately for Becky she probably sweeps up more hair in a week than most salons.
Pet owners unite!! Go ahead and offer up some advice for poor Kayden's potty problem here.

Then there's Anne's dog, Lucy, just flashing those puppy eyes.
Doesn't it look like she's just begging waiting for a treat or the next marathon around the backyard.

Introducing Jen’s boxer, Abby. Abby has you at hello with those beautiful caramel colors!! Look at that adorable droopy face--seems like she’s not digging the paparazzi action but is totally ready to make a mess of the neatly stowed away toys.
Check out Jen from Girl in the Garage’s solution to corral all those dog toys.

I think its just about that time, the time to interject with some feline owners...

My girl Brynne at The Gathered Home has her Abby. you can meet her here.
Abby is keepin' it classy lounging on the leather sofa. Watch out if you sit on HER sofa, I hear she talks some mega smack.

Then there's Jennifer who braves it out with an entire feline crew. Franklin (orange) and Albie (grey) make there debut here. 

While Jennifer's adorable black cat Salem I mean Felix proves to be the best Halloween decoration yet. Although that black and white vignette would totally fit in our decor.

Moseying back to the dog world, meet Leslie's adorable little fluff-ball, Puddy. Looks like he’s practicing a little dog-zen:
Don’t you just wanna rub that belly?

Now its time to meet a gorgeous black lab named Bentley. I mean just look at that shiny black coat!

Christine steps up her pup introduction today by sharing her deliciously dog appropriate pupcakes. I know I'll be taking a crack at them as soon as Kaiah's birthday rolls around.

Say hello to Lulu, I think her cuteness weighs more than words:
Lulu was blessed to have been adopted into Shanna's welcoming family check out their loving adoption story here.

Sammi, from Every Home's a Castle (you may remember her guest post here), recently found their "Buddy."
I'm sure they have their hands full with their furry little one. meet him here.

Lastly what’s a Friday without a little inappropriate potty humor?  Check out Kaylin’s, from Keep It Simple Sweetie Blog , parent’s flashy pooch.
It totally begs for a “caption this photo” challenge. Oh and don’t forget to check out her Doggie Ice Cream Recipe, pups are sure to give it four paws up.

Happy to have ya this Fantastic Friday, once you come down from that cuteness high, get your giggle on and leave a little pun-tasic “Caption This” challenge.

For those of you just tuning in, feel free to skim through the Around the Blogosphere series.

Think I'd leave you hanging with the second announcement, eh? Wait no more my friends because...
Alright, well I can't spill ALL the beans just yet, but just know that it's going to be AWESOME!!!


  1. Gahhhh ... can't handle all of the cuteness in this post! Kaiah is certainly a looker.

    1. Awe thank you, we love her brindle colors. We were seriously considering renaming her to Tony, as in Tony the tiger haha. Bloggers really have some cuties, huh?!!

  2. So much cuteness in one post!!! I can't believe I forgot to share our other furry family member - I actually have not blogged about him yet and obviously need to - our chinchilla named Pocket! He is adorable, funny, and has a great personality :) Coming soon to a computer near you!

    1. Eep, I can't wait to meet Pocket!! I'm sure he's fuzzy and super cute. Hope you include some cute quirks in there!!

  3. Petunia is famous, I tell you :) I loved looking at all the other little snouts, too. Thanks for the dosage of cuteness!

    1. Of course Petunia is famous!! I hope you show her off more often, she's so gorgeous!!

      P.S. I secretly hope you're able to teach her some ridiculous tricks like this amazing border collie.

    2. Border collies are super intelligent. Tuney is pretty smart too! I wonder if she is part Border Collie... One of these days I'll have her DNA tested for fun :)

    3. She sure looks like she is :D I didn't realize they had those for dogs! My vote (if it counts and all) = DO IT!!

  4. awww ;) love seeing everyone's pets, they are all so adorable!!

    1. Me tooo! There were so many submissions it was hard to leave any out.

  5. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  6. Great post! Thanks for featuring my furry little felines!! :)

    1. Couldn't complete the post without your cuties!!


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