2 Is it a bird, is it a plane, no it's a preview of Trisha D's Photography site?!

I've been in a web design mood (can you tell: here, here and my baby here) and of course when creative juices are flowing: "We Can't Stop, Noo We Won't Stop," minus singing about dancing with Miley and awkward grinding.

For those of you not in the know, I have a side gig on my other passion Photography (some previews can be viewed here). The site has been in the works for MONTHS, but has been recently picked back up and chugging along quite smoothly [knock on wood]. And I'd like to present a peek into the new Photography Site:

That's only a tiny bite of what is yet to come. Of course, nothing is set in stone until launch time. Who knows once it's all coded and ready to go it may have taken a mind of its own and did a complete 180°. You bet I'll be counting down the days when that little 'ol Photography menu tab will be connected to a fully functioning website.

One of these many moons, I'll be back on track with house updatesDIY projects, and the garden- aka the meat and potatoes of this 'lil blog of mine. Has it really been since June?! In the meantime, tomorrow I have another fabulous Guest Poster with the perfect DIY project to give your workshop a p90x workout!

So what do you think? About time to get that site in gear, am.I.right?!

For all my local peeps, contact me if you know anyone who is interested in 'portfolio rates' on an engagement session. I have an opening in September or October (weekdays).

Interested in your own blog design? I'm in the early stages of providing blog designing services. Email me for special pricing with a la carte items such as social media icons, sidebar titles, *installation assistance, etc. If you're ready for a full or even mini blog makeover, let's talk! Take advantage of portfolio building prices!! Check out other designs here.

*Installation assistance on blogger/blogspot only.


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