6 Black and White Front Door Makeover from Vintage Finder Brynne

I’m lucky to have snagged Brynne from The Gathered Home here at Black and White Obsession because she’s pretty awesome and probably crazy-busy juggling projects like all us bloggers. Today, she’s here to share her Black and White Front Door Makeover. Does she not know my style or what?!

She has a ridiculous eye for for vintage finds from Goodwill. I mean I too frequent Goodwill and have found a few goodies, but more often than not I’m coming home empty handed. Maybe I just need to go visit her and her Goodwill?

Enough of my awkward pleas to visit all my blogging friends, here's Brynne:

Hi! I’m Brynne from The Gathered Home where I blog about vintage furniture finds, zany Craigslist stories, nitty grity home renovation details, and the occasional classy cocktail recipe. When Trisha asked me to guest post, I knew immediately that I wanted – no, needed – to do a black and white project to share with you guys. It was just the kick in the pants I needed to start the front door makeover I’ve had nagging in the back of my mind for several months.
Front Door Before & After 2
Here’s what I gathered to start this makeover:
Paint Products
Paint Products 2
My friendly Home Depot paint department worker suggested an exterior satin paint and primer combination (I wanted a pure white with no tinting for the main color), and I chose a small can of premixed semi-gloss black for the details. As you can see, my paint tray and paint brush have seen lots of service!  I used the paint brush for the details on the door, and the smooth foam roller for the flat surfaces.
Third Coat
After three coats of the white paint/primer (and some testing of various wall colors while I waited for the paint to dry!), it was time to tape the edges of my black stripes.  I spent way too long worrying about the thickness of the black stripes, and finally decided to just follow the edges of the door’s inset panels.
Taped Door 2

Second Coat of Black Paint
The black details also took three coats to completely cover the white paint.  But finally, it was time to remove the tape!  (I did have some issues with bleeding and the tape peeling up the edges, but those only took a few minor, steady-handed touch ups.) 
Finished Front Door 3
And now, I’m officially obsessed with my shiny new black and white front door!

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Is that not an attractive update?! Ahhh, the black and white contrast really brings your eye to the grooves and door insets. Who else noticed the subtle Yay! chalkboard note? That girl is alll about the details!!

Don't forget to check out Brynne's fantastic Furniture Archive for more of her vintage finds.

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  1. Love it!! The door looks amazing Brynne!

  2. Brynne's door makeover is just gorgeous! Thank you you much for sharing and pinned! :)

  3. Love Brynne! Ane the door looks amazing. So much better than before.

  4. Love the door makeover! The black and white is quite striking.


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