17 Chic and Polished Resume Template + Free Photoshop Download

Hello my friends!! I'm all giddy excited because I have a very special treat in store for you today! A FREE Chic and Polished Photoshop Resume Template.
You may be asking yourself, what's wrong with my jam packed, meticulously-keyword researched resume? Probably not a whole lot. But let's face it; standard templates are so 2007 and yaawn-tastically boring. And second, why not stand out from the rest and be that Firework that Katy Perry encourages you to be?

10 What I Wore- Fantastic Fridays: Week 29

I'm not gonna lie today's outfit is waaay out of my comfort zone but it's fun, flashy, and a little Halloween-ish. Be prepared for today's Obnoxious What I Wore Fantastic Friday.
If you’re new to this series check out some of the early posts to see what this series is all about (more links at the bottom of this post as well). Today's outfit falls in the "embarrassing, ridiculous, or downright painful" categories.

6 Black and White Front Door Makeover from Vintage Finder Brynne

I’m lucky to have snagged Brynne from The Gathered Home here at Black and White Obsession because she’s pretty awesome and probably crazy-busy juggling projects like all us bloggers. Today, she’s here to share her Black and White Front Door Makeover. Does she not know my style or what?!

She has a ridiculous eye for for vintage finds from Goodwill. I mean I too frequent Goodwill and have found a few goodies, but more often than not I’m coming home empty handed. Maybe I just need to go visit her and her Goodwill?

Enough of my awkward pleas to visit all my blogging friends, here's Brynne:

Hi! I’m Brynne from The Gathered Home where I blog about vintage furniture finds, zany Craigslist stories, nitty grity home renovation details, and the occasional classy cocktail recipe. When Trisha asked me to guest post, I knew immediately that I wanted – no, needed – to do a black and white project to share with you guys. It was just the kick in the pants I needed to start the front door makeover I’ve had nagging in the back of my mind for several months.
Front Door Before & After 2

14 Quick and Easy: Around the Blogosphere No. 1

Welcome to the very first, Around the Blogosphere where some of the most spectacular tutorials will be showcased from the most creative blog friends (or co-workers if you will) I know.
This world-wide event (ok, just here in my little corner of the blog world) will be hosted bi-weekly by yours truly and will feature a theme of some sort. The theme this week is Quick and Easy, and boy do I have the tutorial links in store for you:

6 How to build quality drawers with fancy box joints from Becky the Builder

Today I'm honored to have the very talented Becky from Ramblings from the Burbs. This girl's got skills, from installing their own kitchen sink to sanding their own floors- she's not afraid to get her hands dirty. Oh and did I mention she's also mid-western blogger, as in my sister state of MN?! Mid-west represent! 

Last week she posted a little sneak peek on these beautiful drool-worthy dovetail drawers, and she's here today to share how it's done. Enough of my rambling, let's let Becky take the reigns:

Hi B&W Obsession readers! I'm Becky, a spray paint aficionado, pneumatic tool enthusiast, designer/photographer wannabe, and blogger at Ramblings from the Burbs. I live near St. Paul, Minnesota with my husband, two kiddos and a cat and dog to round out the suburban family cliche. Our home is a 1960's rambler which is a constant construction zone from our DIY remodeling projects. We're in the midst of a never ending kitchen remodel and thanks to Trisha for allowing me to be her guest blogger and sharing some of that with you today.

Let's talk about drawers shall we (not your undergarmets, but the ones in your kitchen). I'm a big proponent of drawers and their superiority over standard base cabinets with shelves. They require less bending and stretching than shelves and it allows to get to contents in the back without moving all of the contents in the front so when we started planning our kitchen remodel I knew I wanted to utilize a lot of drawers in the design of the base cabinets for maximum functionality.

We have ten drawers in our kitchen and we are building and installing all of them ourselves so we are getting a lot of practice at it. Today I'm here to share a tutorial on how you can build your own quality drawers (or pullout shelves)  to upgrade the functionality of your cabinets.

2 Is it a bird, is it a plane, no it's a preview of Trisha D's Photography site?!

I've been in a web design mood (can you tell: here, here and my baby here) and of course when creative juices are flowing: "We Can't Stop, Noo We Won't Stop," minus singing about dancing with Miley and awkward grinding.

For those of you not in the know, I have a side gig on my other passion Photography (some previews can be viewed here). The site has been in the works for MONTHS, but has been recently picked back up and chugging along quite smoothly [knock on wood]. And I'd like to present a peek into the new Photography Site:

That's only a tiny bite of what is yet to come. Of course, nothing is set in stone until launch time. Who knows once it's all coded and ready to go it may have taken a mind of its own and did a complete 180°. You bet I'll be counting down the days when that little 'ol Photography menu tab will be connected to a fully functioning website.

One of these many moons, I'll be back on track with house updatesDIY projects, and the garden- aka the meat and potatoes of this 'lil blog of mine. Has it really been since June?! In the meantime, tomorrow I have another fabulous Guest Poster with the perfect DIY project to give your workshop a p90x workout!

So what do you think? About time to get that site in gear, am.I.right?!

For all my local peeps, contact me if you know anyone who is interested in 'portfolio rates' on an engagement session. I have an opening in September or October (weekdays).

Interested in your own blog design? I'm in the early stages of providing blog designing services. Email me for special pricing with a la carte items such as social media icons, sidebar titles, *installation assistance, etc. If you're ready for a full or even mini blog makeover, let's talk! Take advantage of portfolio building prices!! Check out other designs here.

*Installation assistance on blogger/blogspot only.

6 What I wore- Fantastic Fridays: Week 28

Helllooo Friday!! Yay, it’s probably the one day a week when I actually know what day it is. Anywho, it’s time for the next installment of What I Wore this Fantastic Friday. When working through some blogging goals, I decided to turn this Fantastic Friday series into a bi-weekly venture and the alternate weeks will be packed with some themed fun/inspiration tidbits from the web. You know, since there may be an end to my closet some day.

If you’re new here, WELCOME! Feel free to check out a few of the early posts to see what this series is all about (more links at the bottom of this post).

2 Handwritten Social Media Button Design for Sketchy Styles

I recently had the opportunity to work with a dear blog friend of mine, Becky from Sketchy Styles for my very first web-design piece. Chea, web designer-- I don’t think I’m quite ready to put that on my resume just yet. Becky’s blog is all about her creative sketches and her extremely talented projects. You may remember her from her giveaway back in July. Anywho, she contacted me and requested new social media buttons to work into her current site design.

4 5 Steps to "Fall" into Christmas Planning

I’d like to extend a big welcome to Trina from a few miner adjustments. First off, isn’t Trina a lovely name? Maybe it’s just so close to mine that I fell so hard. Anyway, Trina is a jack of all trades- you know the kind that’s crafty, creative, AND organized. Cheah, she could lend a few of those brain cells and I wouldn’t mind.

I’m excited to have her here at Black and White Obsession. Today, she’s here to share her tips on getting holiday ready right now so you can have more time to actually enjoy the holidays. Before you know it we’ll be singing Christmas Carols and sipping on Candy Cane Lattes Martinis.

For those of you just tuning in, or confused by the beautiful faces gracing my blog- they’re here to help me get ahead on any kind of blog schedule-- er give y’all a break from all of my pipsqueak voice.

Enough chit chat, here’s Trina with her amazing tips:

Hi, Friends! I’m Trina from a few miner adjustments. By day I am a reading teacher and by night I am a DIY blogger.
I met my husband at a summer fraternity party and now we have two beautiful sons.
 I’ve never met a stripe I didn’t like.
Working makes me a better mom and blogging lets me spread my creative wings and fly.
Thanks for hanging with me today!

It's still summer until September 22nd, even though we are back to school and fall decor is trending all over Pinterest. And all to soon we will be going apple picking, to the pumpkin patch, and possibly hit up a house or 50 on Halloween. For right now though, it is a good time to "fall" into Christmas planning.

In past years, I have been known to start shopping for Christmas in January.  I have also been the first on Facebook to announce that I have started my shopping. That was not the case last year. The kids are busy, playing sports and going to birthday parties and I have little energy time to think about stockings and gifts now. However, the countdown has begun.  So let's make a few Miner adjustments this year and get in the right mindset! Are you with me?

13 The Haven Experience Part 2

Haven Haven Haven, I could talk about you forever, but alas it may be dragged on too long. This final post is the second part of the Haven experience (if you missed it, here’s part 1) and probably the best one yet. So strap in and hold on tight because here we go…

On Friday, Jodi and I were waiting for the elevator and to pass the time, I was enjoying the cityscape views. To me, this meant enjoying the beauty and luxury of rooftop pools.

In just a few short moments, I noticed a person lying face down. Thinking nothing of it, I continued scanning enjoying the view. Each time I ended up making my way back to the pool. Maybe time stood slow, but I casually told Jodi that it was weird he hadn’t moved. A few more moments passed and my focus was now completely set on him. Panic started to set in, this guy hasn’t moved a hand, leg, or even an inch. Sprinting to the nearest phone (while still waiting for the elevator), I began calling the front desk. In my daze, Jodi snuck to the window and took over watching, just as the phone was picked up she exclaimed “He’s UP, He’s UP!!”

Whew. That was close.

I guess I’m glad my lifeguard instincts were still very much in place. Maybe time stood still, maybe I’m too quick to conclude, who knows. Looking back I think I had no concept of time-- I’m sure it’s completely possible to hold your breath until the crazy fast Hyatt elevators arrived.

5 The Haven Experience Part 1

Since *Haven was probably the blogging highlight of my summer, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to tell y’all about the actual experience. Get ready because I’m going to chat your ear off about all the Haven side stories: the experience, some awkward videos, and the FUUUUN. So grab a cup of coffee/tea/ice cream and relax because you’re in for a two part post. It goes without saying: #WarningItsLong

*Haven is a weekend event sort of like Comic-Con but for bloggers.

This girl is a bargain hunter for life and as such, scored a deal on a flight which brought me to the ATL early and left later than everyone else. As in I arrived Wednesday Morning and left Monday Morning (the conference was Thursday evening-Saturday). It was a blessing in disguise as I had enough time to get my bearings around town and the conference center while leaving enough time to relax before getting back to work.

On Wednesday, after picking up the rental car (remember, wish I would have known about the MARTA) and GPS’ing it to the hotel, it was time to drive around the hotel to get my bearings. Somewhere in the mix, I scored a super secret FREE parking place within walking distance. There was even serious investigating and triple checking going on around the building to ensure the rental wouldn’t get towed (that would be a bummer on a trip now wouldn’t it?).

6 Coffee Pendant from the DIY Gurus Alex and Stephanie

Hope y'all had an amazing extended weekend. I don't know about you but three day weekends always make me in the mood to get a lot of stuff done. We hosted our Second Annual Movie Night, and I squeezed in a surprise Random Road Trip. Yikes, what a weekend!! Anyway...

Ladies and Gentleman, please give a warm welcome to Stephanie and Alex from Two Zero One. I've always wanted to introduce someone like that.

These two love birds must have a special place in their Canadian home for Black and White like I do, I mean just take a look at their house tour. My gosh, that bathroom is crazy gorgeous!! I’m thrilled to have them here today at Black and White Obsession and they’re here to show you how to make your very own Coffee Pendant.

For those of you just tuning in, or confused by the stunning faces gracing my blog- they’re here to show you some of their hard work. You know so you don’t only see only my projects and read my lame quirky jokes.

Enough of my rattling, grab your coffee and a whole lot of filters and let’s get started…

Hello, we’re Stephanie and Alex and we blog at Two Zero One about home decorating and DIY projects. Today we're here teaching you how to make a Coffee Pendant:

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