10 What I wore- Fantastic Fridays: Week 26

So uh, raise your hand if you’re trying to enjoy summer while working your tush off?! This girls hand is held super high. And with that means that some things had to fall to the wayside, like this whole What I Wore Fantastic Friday Series. Yep after a five week break, I’m back AND a day late. Gotta start somewhere right?

This week though, is another special edition week. I’m bringing you two outfits!! One from HAVEN and the other just yesterday. Double dose, double the pleasure- double the fun, double trouble, ack I got nothin’.

But before we get into this week’s outfit, let’s revisit last week’s the outfit verdict from five weeks ago.
If you remember, it was a little black dress. And his reaction:

"Wowza." Guess my vocabulary is starting to rubbing off on him.

Without further ado, I bring you what I wore to the cocktail party hosted by RYOBI Friday August 2nd:
Photo courtesy of RYOBI.
The cocktail dress was just one of those quick last minute decision throw-it-in-the-suitcase you may just need it kinda things. Boy am I glad I did because it was the perfect outfit for the occasion. You can’t see it from the shot but they were paired with my favorite, very comfy I may add, Charlotte Russe wedges. Add some big hoop earrings and I called it good.
I have sooo much more to tell you about that evening so stay tuned.

Double Dose Outfit:
Started to lose my balance for a second in those stilettos.
So since I was slacking on good girlfriend duties for the past couple weeks (prepping for Haven, zombie coding the site, the Color Run, and two baseball games) and the fact he missed out on the cocktail dress, I thought I’d class it up for him. Oh and if I wasn’t packing at the last minute, I would have thought this dress would have better fit the ‘black and white obsession’ brand. Missed opportunity.

How do you make up for slacking as a gf/bf/partner/bff/etc?

And that’s it my friends, is this week’s What I wore- Fantastic Friday. Hope ya’ll HAD a Fantastic Friday and a baseball filled weekend!

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  1. I signed up for the email list but I don't think I'm getting any notices.

    1. Thanks Matt, I'll look into that right away!

    2. Looks like the last step, email verification, was missed.

  2. Looking very glamorous! Love both of those dresses.

    1. Thanks Sammi! This new hair do can be rather difficult at times to pair outfits with :h

  3. I love both dresses! You look great! The first one is my favorite! I'm glad that you had so much fun at haven :)

    Marie H.

    1. Thanks Marie! Dresses are so much fun, eh?

    2. I wish I had more reasons to dress up!

    3. Cortney, do we really need a reason to dress up? haha.


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