1 What I Wore Fantastic Friday Week 27

I'm on the road again, this time on a random road trip. We're blessed to have beautiful warm weather for this end of summer weekend.

This trip was one of those two and a half day, 2,450 mile marathons, grab your clothes, best friend, and we're leaving right meow kinda trips. So forgive me for the lack of tools and the short and sweet update today.

The attached photo outfit for this weeks What I Wore Fantastic Fridays (again, I'm mobile so who knows where the photo will end up) is one of my bffs and I rocking the out our Yaris. Somehow we scored that rental under the wire. As in they were closing and every other plane had just landed for the evening . Oh and did I mention, it just happens to be one of the busiest weekend for rentals because Harly Davidson is hosting this little event for their 110th Anniversary.

That's a blingy shirt (on the very top of the clean laundry pile), some shorts that sorta match, and flops that actually match. Not a total fail, eh? Oh and to all my single ladies, that well dressed fellow, he's single.
Let's not forget were also cramming in an outdoor movie night hosted by yours truly this weekend. Wish us luck, we sure could use it!

Have you ever completed a random roadtrip and lived to tell the tale? Did you catch some lady luck during that trip? Are you excited for Harley's 110th? Do you get excited when your thrown together outfit doesn't look so bad?

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  1. I met with a girl today and the situation alarmed me because she confided in me that she is on foodstamps and she is on facebook. I said, "Can I email you the claim form?"

    I wouldn't know what to do with...email?

    If I posted it on your facebook, would that be ok?

    Oh, sure, but I only work 13 hours a week so I can't have a paper really..


    If I work more than that I can't get my foodstamps.

    No, I mean about the paper...nevermind. I'll mail it to you.


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