8 Sunburst Mirror Tutorial from DIY extraordinaire Sammi

I’d like to extend a big welcome to Sammi from Every Home is a Castle. To my American friends, she’s across the pond and spells things all swanky like colour and neighbour, and measures her currency in euros!! Maybe she’ll let me sleepover, and show me around town? She also has incredible patience to tackle a stenciled wall. I’m happy to have her here at Black and White Obsession. Today, she’s here to share her fantabulous Sunburst Mirror Tutorial.

For those of you just tuning in, or confused by the beautiful faces gracing my blog- they’re here to let me take the day off give y’all a break from my ramblings.

Enough chit chat, get your glue guns ready and let’s get on with the show…

My name is Sammi and together with my husband Simon we run Every Home is a Castle. We live in England and have been in our current home for coming up on 2 years now. We're relatively new to blogging but have been sharing our DIY efforts and home related projects since May 2013. Today Trisha is kindly letting me share one of our most successful projects with you - a DIY sunburst mirror. I'm a big fan of Trisha and her blog (how great is the redesign?).

If you have a Pinterest account, read home blogs, or have glanced at the internet you'll probably have seen these mirrors everywhere! The problem we found was that although they were lovely, the hefty price tag was not. So we decided to DIY it!

All it took for us to create our mirror (which is now hanging pride of place in our dining room) was some decorative sticks, a cheap mirror, a glue gun, spray paint and a couple of hours of our time.

We started by cutting 8 pieces of stick into 15 inch length, using a side cutter. We then distributed these evenly around the circular frame to give us a guideline for the rest of the twigs and stuck in place at the centre and the edge of the frame using a glue gun.

Once our initial markers were in place we cut a further 8 sticks into 8 inch lengths to form the shortest ray of our sun and glued them between our original 8 sticks.

We then cut 16 pieces of sticks into 10 inch lengths to create the middle length of our rays and glued one in between each 8 inch and 15 inch lengths.

Once our nice measured lengths were stuck in place we decided to get a bit random and cut the remaining sticks at various lengths to fill the gaps. We didn't have many but this helped make the sun looks less structured and a little more random - depending on the look you were going for you could also measure the lengths for a uniform effect.

We let the glue dry for around 30 minutes, masked the glass and sprayed the front and back of the mirror (we gave the front 2 coats and the back 1). Once the whole mirror was dry we screwed an eye to the back to allow us to hang it on the wall, and here's how it looks!

I hope you've enjoyed reading our tutorial and that you might be inspired to create your own sunburst mirror. It really is a straightforward DIY and you're guaranteed to end up with a one of a kind mirror. If you have any questions please comment here, or over at our blog,
Every Home is a Castle.

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Check out Sammi’s blog for the full tutorial and additional photos of the creative process. Since I’m such a fan of Black and White (and anything gray) this mirror is up my alley. Heck those sticks would be fabulous al naturale!

So tell me, does she not know how to use creative materials or what? Who’s rooting that she’ll let me crash at her place and get me a stamp in my passport?
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  1. I love this mirror - hope to eventually make one myself. My to do list is never ending... :) Thanks for sharing!

    (Found both blogs - Every Home Is A Castle and Black and White Obsession - through the YHL forums. Love them!)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jen! Don't you just love that family over at YHL?

      I hear ya on the never ending to do list!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Cortney! I think its one of those projects that's easy enough to tackle on the weekend.

  3. Wow, that's fabulous! It looks like metal, nothing like basic sticks.

    PS: I nominated you for a Liebster Award!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Lauren! It's so pretty!

      Thanks for the nomination! Hope I can pass the torch with dignity!

      Much love,
      Trisha D.

  4. I love it! I did a sunburst mirror a while ago too, using contractor shims. The "rays" are a lot thicker that way. I have been thinking of making a smaller version with thinner rays, and I think this might be the look I'm going for!


    1. Thanks for stopping by Megan!

      The contractor shim version looks just as amazing. Glad the tutorial inspired another mirror!!

      Much love,
      Trisha D.


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