5 Luxurious Hotel Style in Your Own Home from Fashionista, Marie Huang

I am absolutely thrilled today to host my very first Guest Poster, Marie Huang from Progression by Design. She has an incredible sense of style in which I hope rubs off on me. Maybe I’m just dreaming, but she could have a thing or two for black and white.

For those of you scratching your head wondering why some new faces are appearing on my blog, they’re here to offer up a bit of variety. You know, in case you get sick of my terrible only-I-get-my-own-jokes kinda thing, oh and maybe the thought of keeping my readers (Hi Dad, Hi Cortney!!). Or maybe this formula has something to do with it.

Enough blabbing, here we goo….
"Hello everyone! I'm Marie Huang the perfectionist and interior design lover behind Progression By Design, an interior design focused lifestyle blog. I love informing my readers about the latest in trends, techniques and styles in the interior design world today. Progression By Design is packed full of design inspiration, organization, recipes, and fashion for every reader alike! You can usually catch me curled up with a good book, compulsively pinning on Pinterest, or most frequently, head down- writing away at a new blog post! I was beyond excited to write this post and thanks so much for having me Trisha!"

Whenever I come home from a long day I, like many, love lounging in my bedroom. There's just something so cozy about curling up with a book or catching up on your favorite show under your duvet cover. It's important to me that my room is somewhere that I actually enjoy being in. It needs to be comfortable, functional, and pretty!

I've always loved the feeling of cushy hotel bedding. The giant stacks of pillows, the soft smooth sheets... So I figured, why not bring that feeling of hotel luxury into my own bedroom? There's no need for a trip when you can get away in your own bedroom!

Hotel Bedding

The first step to creating your own luxury suite is to invest in a nice hotel style duvet cover and sheet set. These sets can range from very expensive, to moderate and affordable. Typically the higher prices indicate a higher thread count in the sheets. It is completely unnecessary to financially over extend yourself and purchase $500 sheets. However, splurging a little on nicer sheets than you might typically buy will add to the overall feeling of luxury you're trying to create in your space. Another bonus regarding hotel bedding is the enormous flexibility it lends with the design of the rest of your room. The crisp white sheets pair deliciously with bright pillows, pieces of colored furniture, or colored walls!

Fluffy Pillows

This may seem like an obvious thing to some, but don't cheap out on your pillows. By purchasing higher quality pillows initially, they won't wear as fast and need replacing. I mean come on, who doesn't just love diving into large fluffy pillows and snuggling under soft sheets? I sure do! Nice pillows can make all the difference between an average bed and a luxury suite quality bed.

The Extras

While comfy bedding and pillows are important, so are the little details. Don't forget to add a soft white robe, fresh flowers, and your favorite candle! Adding small touches to your room and bathroom will really make it feel like your living in the lap of luxury. Consider adding a basket of warm rolled towels or a jar of your favorite soaps and bath salts at the end of your tub!

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For more ways to achieve the Luxurious Hotel look including her favorite sources, visit her here.

All that's left is figuring out room service. Don't you just love the sleek lines and spa-like atmosphere the elegant ensemble creates? How would you create your own luxury suite?
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  1. Awesome Tips Marie!! I really need to make my room feel luxurious like this :)

    1. Thanks Dria! I sure need to take my own advice and invest in some nicer pillows and sheets!

      Marie H.

    2. Thanks so much for having me Trisha! I would love to contribute more in the future if you ever have the need!

      Marie H.

  2. Great tips Marie! Crisp white bedding leaves me drooling...ahhh luxury!

    Trisha - great choice for your first guest post!


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