2 Haven: Mistakes are Lessons in Disguise

As I’m winding down the posts from haven (there’s maybe two left), it occurred to me that there are a lot of things I would do differently during my next Blog Conference. Just like the Maiedae Mixer, a roundup of lessons learned was in order.
Goals for the next conference:
  • Ask others to sit with your group. Sheesh, where were my manners?! It was such a simple gesture, and it makes others more included. Other ladies, bless their hearts, extended an invitation. We ended up chatting away on various blog topics.
  • Get on the inside. Like the *super secret Haven Facebook page- I didn’t know until a roomie (thanks Serena) invited me on one of the last days of the event.
  • Leave classes/events earlier to take the time and follow up with new connections, vendors, etc.
  • Bring printed address labels (Name, Email, Website) as many vendor drawings were clipboard-style.
  • Study more blogs, their beautiful faces, and their social media to impress them with a post you liked when you finally meet face to face.
  • Instead of ‘looking forward to meet you.’ ACTUALLY plan something to meet them.
  • Track down the paper conference schedule sooner. Boy did that puppy come in handy.
  • On that note, use the template from this year to create next year’s schedule. (it has some nerdy formulas for duplicate entries)
  • Both of these were before I even knew there was a *super secret Google schedule.
  • Decide on classes sooner. Read up on the speakers.
  • Last but not very least- take the MARTA (in GA), I blew too much money on a rental car when I could have spent $5 round trip.
*Ohkkay, they really weren’t all that secret, I was just the last one to know.
And just so the post doesn’t sound like Debbie-Downer, I also busted out some rock star moves that should be continued next time:
In all though, the lessons weren’t awful and the ones to continue rocking out will probably be hard to top next year (at least the business cards, just sayin’). Hopefully I’ll shut my mouth about Haven already,  what I can’t help if it was such an amaaaazing experience?! Here’s to hoping I can squeeze two more posts on Monday? #WannaBet #BloggerOfTheYearIfAPromiseCanBeKept

Do you nerd-ily reflect on big events? Do you ever get so pre-occupied that you forget your manners?

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  1. They come runnin' just as fast as they can...cuz every girl's crazy 'bout a sharped dressed man.

  2. This was so helpful! Business Cards, Binder Rings, Hole Punch, Business Card holder and Silhouette Sticker paper all ordered! Thanks for this series! Its helping this newbie out!


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