2 Hammering out New Year’s Resolutions

I have to admit the Haven stories have almost come full circle, but there’s something about finishing something that just doesn’t sit right with me…

So instead of the Haven posts, I’ll show you that I haven’t exactly been slacking. Sure there’s probably 999,991 other projects and stories just sitting around in the not-quite-finished-pile. Buuut I have been working through some Resolutions.  Say what?! You know those resolutions you set early in the year in hopes that you achieve some amazing thimgs come December? Yeah those...

Hint: it has to do with organizing. And I’m hoping it will be a business game changer.

If that’s not enough hint for you, here’s another:

And since we’ve cruised past the halfway mark, working one resolution was just unacceptable, so I bring you some proofs to a senior photo shoot:

Sure this session is in proof, but progress is progress right? Maybe one of these months days the PhotographySite will be unveiled.

Tomorrow I have another special treat: another guest blogger, I hope you're ready to rock and roll!!

What have you been working on? Do you find it hard to focus when your to do list looks more like Santa Claus’s naughty/nice list?

Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions? Have you thought about them since February?


  1. Looks like you're well on your way for your 2013 resolutions, how is it already August? I wanted to let you know I nominated you for a Liebster Award, read all about it here http://bit.ly/17hR1hB

    1. Hi Merrit!!

      Cheah, where did summer go?!

      Thank you so very much for the nomination!! I hope I can pass the torch with my dignity...

      Much Love,
      Trisha D.


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