1 What I Wore Fantastic Friday Week 27

I'm on the road again, this time on a random road trip. We're blessed to have beautiful warm weather for this end of summer weekend.

This trip was one of those two and a half day, 2,450 mile marathons, grab your clothes, best friend, and we're leaving right meow kinda trips. So forgive me for the lack of tools and the short and sweet update today.

The attached photo outfit for this weeks What I Wore Fantastic Fridays (again, I'm mobile so who knows where the photo will end up) is one of my bffs and I rocking the out our Yaris. Somehow we scored that rental under the wire. As in they were closing and every other plane had just landed for the evening . Oh and did I mention, it just happens to be one of the busiest weekend for rentals because Harly Davidson is hosting this little event for their 110th Anniversary.

That's a blingy shirt (on the very top of the clean laundry pile), some shorts that sorta match, and flops that actually match. Not a total fail, eh? Oh and to all my single ladies, that well dressed fellow, he's single.
Let's not forget were also cramming in an outdoor movie night hosted by yours truly this weekend. Wish us luck, we sure could use it!

Have you ever completed a random roadtrip and lived to tell the tale? Did you catch some lady luck during that trip? Are you excited for Harley's 110th? Do you get excited when your thrown together outfit doesn't look so bad?

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8 Sunburst Mirror Tutorial from DIY extraordinaire Sammi

I’d like to extend a big welcome to Sammi from Every Home is a Castle. To my American friends, she’s across the pond and spells things all swanky like colour and neighbour, and measures her currency in euros!! Maybe she’ll let me sleepover, and show me around town? She also has incredible patience to tackle a stenciled wall. I’m happy to have her here at Black and White Obsession. Today, she’s here to share her fantabulous Sunburst Mirror Tutorial.

For those of you just tuning in, or confused by the beautiful faces gracing my blog- they’re here to let me take the day off give y’all a break from my ramblings.

Enough chit chat, get your glue guns ready and let’s get on with the show…

My name is Sammi and together with my husband Simon we run Every Home is a Castle. We live in England and have been in our current home for coming up on 2 years now. We're relatively new to blogging but have been sharing our DIY efforts and home related projects since May 2013. Today Trisha is kindly letting me share one of our most successful projects with you - a DIY sunburst mirror. I'm a big fan of Trisha and her blog (how great is the redesign?).

2 Hammering out New Year’s Resolutions

I have to admit the Haven stories have almost come full circle, but there’s something about finishing something that just doesn’t sit right with me…

So instead of the Haven posts, I’ll show you that I haven’t exactly been slacking. Sure there’s probably 999,991 other projects and stories just sitting around in the not-quite-finished-pile. Buuut I have been working through some Resolutions.  Say what?! You know those resolutions you set early in the year in hopes that you achieve some amazing thimgs come December? Yeah those...

Hint: it has to do with organizing. And I’m hoping it will be a business game changer.

2 Haven: Mistakes are Lessons in Disguise

As I’m winding down the posts from haven (there’s maybe two left), it occurred to me that there are a lot of things I would do differently during my next Blog Conference. Just like the Maiedae Mixer, a roundup of lessons learned was in order.
Goals for the next conference:
  • Ask others to sit with your group. Sheesh, where were my manners?! It was such a simple gesture, and it makes others more included. Other ladies, bless their hearts, extended an invitation. We ended up chatting away on various blog topics.
  • Get on the inside. Like the *super secret Haven Facebook page- I didn’t know until a roomie (thanks Serena) invited me on one of the last days of the event.
  • Leave classes/events earlier to take the time and follow up with new connections, vendors, etc.
  • Bring printed address labels (Name, Email, Website) as many vendor drawings were clipboard-style.
  • Study more blogs, their beautiful faces, and their social media to impress them with a post you liked when you finally meet face to face.
  • Instead of ‘looking forward to meet you.’ ACTUALLY plan something to meet them.
  • Track down the paper conference schedule sooner. Boy did that puppy come in handy.
  • On that note, use the template from this year to create next year’s schedule. (it has some nerdy formulas for duplicate entries)
  • Both of these were before I even knew there was a *super secret Google schedule.
  • Decide on classes sooner. Read up on the speakers.
  • Last but not very least- take the MARTA (in GA), I blew too much money on a rental car when I could have spent $5 round trip.
*Ohkkay, they really weren’t all that secret, I was just the last one to know.
And just so the post doesn’t sound like Debbie-Downer, I also busted out some rock star moves that should be continued next time:
In all though, the lessons weren’t awful and the ones to continue rocking out will probably be hard to top next year (at least the business cards, just sayin’). Hopefully I’ll shut my mouth about Haven already,  what I can’t help if it was such an amaaaazing experience?! Here’s to hoping I can squeeze two more posts on Monday? #WannaBet #BloggerOfTheYearIfAPromiseCanBeKept

Do you nerd-ily reflect on big events? Do you ever get so pre-occupied that you forget your manners?

Preparing for a blog conference or event of your own? Be sure not miss:
Prequel: get your cords organized and label your stuff because your new bff roomies won’t want to fork out money to ship it to you.
4- What I learned from all those Classes at Haven (Part 1 & Part 2)
5- Lessons Learned, you are here.
6- THE Haven Experience (Part 1 & Part 2)

Check out more blog event tips from my experience at the Maiedae Mixer

7 The Best Things I Learned from the Classes at Haven (Part 2)

It’s Wednesday and I’m back with Part Two (Part 1 was here) of the Best things I Learned from the Haven classes!

Let me tell you, Haven had some of the BEST speakers, you know the ones who’ve already played the field and paved our path, ready and willing to share valuable information. Most of the classes I chose were geared towards business (like say all but one). Oh I choose only the top three-ish things because you’ll just have to attend a conference of your own I mean… I can’t just go blurting out all their secrets. #WarningItsLong

Yes I made that, maybe Jen would be proud? Of course it’s not that tiny, I don’t have ANT eyes.

5 Luxurious Hotel Style in Your Own Home from Fashionista, Marie Huang

I am absolutely thrilled today to host my very first Guest Poster, Marie Huang from Progression by Design. She has an incredible sense of style in which I hope rubs off on me. Maybe I’m just dreaming, but she could have a thing or two for black and white.

For those of you scratching your head wondering why some new faces are appearing on my blog, they’re here to offer up a bit of variety. You know, in case you get sick of my terrible only-I-get-my-own-jokes kinda thing, oh and maybe the thought of keeping my readers (Hi Dad, Hi Cortney!!). Or maybe this formula has something to do with it.

Enough blabbing, here we goo….
"Hello everyone! I'm Marie Huang the perfectionist and interior design lover behind Progression By Design, an interior design focused lifestyle blog. I love informing my readers about the latest in trends, techniques and styles in the interior design world today. Progression By Design is packed full of design inspiration, organization, recipes, and fashion for every reader alike! You can usually catch me curled up with a good book, compulsively pinning on Pinterest, or most frequently, head down- writing away at a new blog post! I was beyond excited to write this post and thanks so much for having me Trisha!"

7 The Best Things I Learned from the Classes at Haven (Part 1)

Happy Monday, my friends!! Without a doubt Haven hosted many, many amazing speakers and taught its attendees everything from designing to painting and even business classes. The day before the conference (notice the procrastination theme yet?), I decided on a recipe mixture of 5 parts business class 1 part fun. #WarningItsLong
Today I’m going over three of the Best Things I Learned from each of those sessions by day, and today is Part 1. I’m sure I could overload you on info but then again, I can’t give away all their secrets.

10 What I wore- Fantastic Fridays: Week 26

So uh, raise your hand if you’re trying to enjoy summer while working your tush off?! This girls hand is held super high. And with that means that some things had to fall to the wayside, like this whole What I Wore Fantastic Friday Series. Yep after a five week break, I’m back AND a day late. Gotta start somewhere right?

This week though, is another special edition week. I’m bringing you two outfits!! One from HAVEN and the other just yesterday. Double dose, double the pleasure- double the fun, double trouble, ack I got nothin’.

6 Haven Conference: What to pack for a Blogger Conference

Back when I was packing at 11pm the evening before my flight (procrastinate much?), I distinctly remember how frantic I was to try and remember everything I could possibly need for the conference ahead of me. Shoes, clean undies, toothbrush, that should be good. Pssht. Who needs the little stuff?

Uhh when you’re brushing elbows with celebrity bloggers and some of the most creative people out there, you may need a bit more than fresh unda-pants. So here’s a list of stuff you should bring so you don’t forget things (like I did).

6 Haven Conference: It’s about to get real up in here

It has been very difficult for me not to spill EVERYTHING about the incredible Haven Conference all at once, but alas overdue posts (1 & 2) and finishing touches on the blog sucked away my time last week had to come first. I’m probably the very last blogger to post about Haven, but that’s “just the way the cookie crumbles.”

For all of you not in the know, Haven is a jam-packed three day conference filled with like-minded people who share the same interest and passion in all things DIY and blogging.
Haven Conference which took place at The Grand Hyatt in Buckhead (Atlanta), GA

5 Black and White Obsession’s Free Blog Website Photoshop Template + Tutorial

Friday, I showed y’all a grand tour of my website all redesigned (and coded by yours truly) and today, as promised, I’m back with a fully customizable Freebie Blog Website Photoshop Template and tutorial!!!  There are two versions available for download Photoshop PSD and Adobe PDF.

I hope you’re ready for this jelly!
Free Blog Website Photoshop Template + Tutorial | www.blackandwhiteobsession.com

11 Black and White Obsession: Blog Redesigned (Grand Tour y’all)

What a whirlwind of events over the past two weeks…

From declaring a mini-break from posting, to finishing the blog redesign (about 85% because there’s always room left for improvement) just in the nick of time for Haven, to actually attending HAVEN, the business sure has kept me plenty busy. I cannot wait to tell you all-about-my experience at the Haven Conference, but today I want to give you the grand tour of the blog redesign just in case you're lost or you like pretty pictures.  #WarningItsLong

And since a bit lengthy (mostly scrolling) here’s an ‘index’ if you will:
  • Blog Style Guide
  • Menu/Social Media Hovers/Back to Top
  • Sidebar
  • More Social Media Buttons
  • Subscribe
  • Share Buttons
  • Footer
  • Evolution of the Header & Menu
  • Surprise announcement (if you make it to the end, har har)
Let’s begin with a style guide of the entire site:

Let me start off by saying, I’m not a designer by any means. I’m sure I broke many style “golden” rules- *cough more than two fonts *cough or keeping the number of ‘elements’ to a minimum. I think the reason mine worked out well was sticking with one rule- white space. Ok, maybe two rules- having a simple color pallet as well. The color scheme consisted of a black to white gradient scale with a dash of teal. Oddly, the color pallet was a bit difficult to work with at first.

On with the show it’s TOUR time:
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