2 What I wore- Fantastic Fridays: Week 25

Wow 25 weeks of What I Wore Fantastic Friday’s!!  This week will hopefully hold a special place in my heart for the drastic change in hairstyles that occurred on Wednesday. It may sound annoying or not even much to some (pssht 17+ inches, whatevs), but I’m still brushing that phantom hair and putting too much shampoo in my hair. Let’s not forget the entertaining learning curve of wrangling wild bed-head and clothing options to ‘go with’ the new ‘do (who knew it would be so much fun!!). Seriously, I should have caught the hilarity struggling to manage the Alfalfa hair on film.

Anywho, onto the point of today’s post, What I wore this fantastically-fabulous Friday.

But before we get into this week’s outfit, let’s revisit last week’s outfit verdict. It’s boring so I won’t judge if you skip the next paragraph.

If you remember, last week I showed off some Independence Day spirit from a shot on the 4th of July. He actually (after some coaxing of course) took the shot and simply said “Patriotic.”

And today's outfit:

The dress has been sitting in my closet under a bunch of sundresses for a long time. Not quite sure it’s even been worn. Heck, I forgot I even owned it! I really wore and purchased the dress for the elegantly curved back now that my hair is short enough to rock out show it off.

Although, I have been drooling over backless dresses/cut outs/interesting backs for the past couple months now…

All from my Pinterest board here.
Ahh, what I’d give to have any one of those. My credit card is getting a little dusty…

What do you think of backless styles?

And that’s it my friends, is this week’s What I wore- Fantastic Friday. Hope ya’ll have a Fantastic Friday friggin' awesome weekend!

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