0 What I wore- Fantastic Fridays: Week 24

Hope everyone enjoyed the fireworks last night, and had a safe and fantabulous Independence day. Our holiday was amazing. I also introduced a summery drink to a lovely lady in my life, an adult orange creamsicle, and it was a hit. I have to say we had an inconsiderate idiot who lit off fireworks too close for comfort, but thankfully no one was hurt.

Today is Friday, which means it’s time for this week’s What I Wore this Fantastic Friday.
But before we get into this week’s outfit, let’s revisit last week’s outfit verdict.
If you remember, last week’s swimsuit/attempt at hula dancing. And his reaction:

“Or maybe you prefer Hawaii.
Mookalakaheeki. Come on, you wanna lei me. Pass the poi, Mahalo.

Or say you want to go to Texas.
Howdy, partners. Let's raise and rope broncos. Let's go down. Howdy, y'all.

Or imagine being magically whisked away to... Delaware.
Hi. I'm in Delaware.”

You know from the movie Wayne’s World:
And now presenting this week’s outfit:
This outfit was actually worn yesterday, for the Fourth of July. It’s a Navy sundress with white beads, paired with white leggings, a red flowered headband and silver flowered flip flops (the same ones from last week).  Let’s not forget the the true star of the show, the red vintage car in the background. Someday I WILL own me a classic car, made and produced a couple generations before my time.

Do you have a love for vintage cars?

What’s your favorite part about Independence Day? Is it dressing in our nation’s colors, the day off, throwing a big themed party, spending time with family, or maybe gathering for annual traditions?

And that’s it my friends, is this week’s What I wore- Fantastic Friday. Hope ya’ll have a Fantastic weekend!

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