0 Washi Tape: Labels/Tags (Haven Blog Conference Preparation)

Yesterday I revealed a super simple Washi Tape Cord Organization project to add to the Frosting for Craft with What You Got  party, and today I’m back with another quick one. At first I was a bit intimidated by something as simple as glorified Scotch Tape, probably because two recent crafty projects failed (only one was actually documented).

Washi tape is like crack to crafters out there. It’s a must have, and must have it neatly stored organized by colors of the rainbow (don’t believe me click here).

Moving on, this next project was also a baby step in cautiously treading water with all things crafty. It is also a project to check off the Haven ‘ol Conference To Do List. Presenting Washi Tape Labels/Tags:
It’s another tag for my stuff, although this time I fully plan on lugging a powerstrip to the convention and sending out a thoughtful tweet inviting everyone to get their charge on. Pretty cool huh?

The tag was designed in Photoshop CS5, to mimic my business cards, then cut out with the Silhouette Cameo (using 65 lb cardstock).
They were finished off with a dash of washi-tape on the front and racing stripes in back, just for fun.
The tag has a few neat features including two suggested hash tags and even my Instagram and Twitter username left behind to track the traveling surge protector (which is lovingly named Surgio). He’s a bit wonky and dated, but hopefully his younger and cuter blue brother will be swapped out after finding him from a really good game of hide and seek.

This project was also cheap with the Washi Tape gifted to me and the cardstock was lying around from the last batch of business cards, costing another big fat $0.00. Gotta love free projects!

Hopefully ladies (and gents) will find it useful to charge and go. My vision is to capture photos during the trip beginning with the airport. It would be a dream for people to Instagram and tweet shout-outs to get the word out there during the conference. Only time will tell.

Have you ever tried to think outside the box for clever projects?

P.S. I was not paid or perked from any of these vendors; I just happily picked up the supplies necessary for the job.

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