5 Washi Tape: Cord Organization

How can something as simple and small as washi tape, be so intimidating? It probably had a lot to do with two failed projects (one I haven’t blogged about in pure shame) to link up with Danielle from Framed Frosting’s link party called Craft with What You Got . Seriously, there may or may not have been horrible daydreams of being mummified by the sticky little roll. 

Oh and if you haven’t heard of washi tape, check out this Pinterest Board dedicated to it. It’s like the crafting world’s catnip. 

Labeled cords are great for camping, overnight trips, sleepovers, conferences, or any group gathering. You may notice this project is nothing new, but I’m here to tell you that it was so quick and easy you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. 

Anywho, this time I took it easy and started with something small. Something that is one more thing off the ‘ol Conference checklist, presenting Washi Tape Cell Phone Cord Tags:
Super Simple Washi Tape project: Cord Organization, perfect for vacations, blog conferences, and fighting over cellphone cords! | www.blackandwhiteobsession.com #simple #easy #washi_tape #washitape
Mark your stuff people! With a room full of three other lovely ladies, something’s bound to get mixed up. It just makes it easier and one less thing to worry about. And a phone charger, well it’s just not something you want to live without on a business trip.

This project is super easy, and pretty cheap. Especially if you have the tape lying around (it was actually included in the Maidae Mixer goodie bag), which was the case here costing a whopping $0.00.

Basically figure out your placement and size, wrap the tape around the cord, and press to seal.  Cut a triangle for flags or use some squiggly craft scissors. Embellish as you please. I also added my email address on the back. The washi tape should fit on most cell phone heavy hitters Apple Iphones, Androids (with micro usb).

That’s it, quick and easy Washi Tape project. I have another Washi Tape project up my sleeve coming acha soon.


  1. Cute and quick - the best kind of project! It may even keep my husband from stealing my chargers and leaving them where I can't find them (or not). So jealous that you're going to Haven! I just got tickets for Bloggy Boot Camp in Minneapolis for my first blog conference - I'm so nervous!

    1. Thanks Rebecca, I'd be in a labeling spree if my cords would grow a pair and get lost in the house.

      I've heard of Bloggy Boot Camp, sounds like fun! Enjoy yourself!

  2. I admit to never having heard of Washi Tape. Or that there was an extensive Pinterest following. I, too, am going to Haven and look forward to meeting you. Thanks for the great tip!

    1. Aren't you excited for HAVEN?! I can't wait to meet you either!

  3. Yet another great use for Washi tape! I really need to do this. My boyfriend keeps trying to steal my charger because he thinks that it's his.

    Marie H.


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