0 Patriotic/Fourth of July Ideas to Celebrate

Earlier this week, I was lucky enough to be featured over at Begin to Craft for the DIY American Flag Cement Garden Stones I made a while back from a Jell-O Mold:

And to keep up the festive Independence Day cheer, let’s set the mood with some inspiration around the web.

No party is complete without a little drank:

Mmm raspberry ice cubes in a fruity cocktail, sign me up!

Caprese AND the perfect festive presentation. Don’t they look divine?

I remember back in the day when I thought this cake was the best thing since sliced bread:

I even made one for our little family celebration and called it good on decorations. Over the past couple of years Pinterest and the blog world have taken this (and all the other holidays) to a whole other level. And today, I’m going to show you a little slice of what is visually inspiring me to get my 4th of July on.

Adorable DIY Patriotic Leggings:

Admittedly I wasn’t always a fan of tie-dye. It’s starting to grow on me. I especially love this nod to the American Flag:

This is an outfit that I would totally wear. Although I’d probably swap out the nude pumps for a red, white, or blue pair and rock out some different shades.

Such a festive little add-on to any chair. We all know I love me a good Director’s Chair.

An adorable sunburst craft- simple, charming, and best of all it only costs about $2 to make! I could totally see this as an alternative to a wreath on our front door.

These charming sparkler packs would be the perfect addition to a 4th of July party. Guests can grab one as the sun sets and enjoy the sparks and spell their name in lights. The source link below will take you to download and print your very own card (they also have links to match the theme).

No 4th of July Party should be without a splash of fun in the form of red, white, and blue Jello shots.

Last but not least, a mood board full of inspirational decorations for Independence Day.

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The Fourth of July is my second favorite holiday (Halloween takes 1st place). It probably has to do with my close roots to the military. There’s nothing like the feeling of pride for our country, the colors, the smell of fireworks, and memories of celebrating on beaches surrounded by family, Fourth of July.

What are you doing to celebrate today? Hope you’re enjoying the lovely day and taking a moment to remember what this day is all about- Celebrating America!

P.S. I was not paid or perked from any of these vendors; I just happily shopped virtually for all things festive.

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