2 Adventures in Gardening: Hot Preview!

We’ve been busy in the backyard for the past couple weeks, well actually ALL spring/summer long. We’ve had our share of hot and muggy weather which has brought us new challenges to protect our garden from drying up like the Sahara Desert.  There are quite a few photos to sort through but I can’t wait to have another full post breakdown.

In the meantime, here’s a preview of how far along we’ve come:
Black and White Obsessions Garden Preview Instagram
The photos don’t do the garden justice, as that thing is HUGE.

Two weekends ago we were also busy digging up sod for yet another project:
Black and White Obsessions New Yard Project Instagram

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Any guesses to what plants made the ‘cut’? What the next project is? Want to take a crack at the real dimensions of our garden?

Want to follow along with Adventures in Gardening? Here’s the BeginningPlanning and Research, a Garden D├ęcor Tutorial, planting seeds, garden growth progress, and a little nip n tuck.


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