4 Redesign underway!

Good morning!! If you notice some weird stuff going on, things adding and disappearing- no fret- it's just the new design installation. 

If you encounter any major issues, please feel free to contact me.


2 Brain-Dump and Total Randomness

Life has been pretty crazy over here. Summer events (like ROCK USA, wahoo), Haven, the Blog Redesign, and Photo Shoots-- let alone keeping up with the house and garden-- has me running around like a nut. 

0 July Giveaway with SketchyStyles WINNER

Today's the day to announce the lucky winner of the Sketchy Styles Custom Portrait Giveaway.
Drum roll please.... Teresa Cox!! If you're Teresa Cox, check your email to claim your prize.

Thanks for entering the giveaway, and a special thanks to Becky from SketchyStyles and Dria from DIO Home Improvements for organizing the Giveaway!!

P.S. This article was coming acha via mobile as I'm enjoying ROCK USA!! So please shield your eyes from the photo placement!

0 Washi Tape: Labels/Tags (Haven Blog Conference Preparation)

Yesterday I revealed a super simple Washi Tape Cord Organization project to add to the Frosting for Craft with What You Got  party, and today I’m back with another quick one. At first I was a bit intimidated by something as simple as glorified Scotch Tape, probably because two recent crafty projects failed (only one was actually documented).

Washi tape is like crack to crafters out there. It’s a must have, and must have it neatly stored organized by colors of the rainbow (don’t believe me click here).

Moving on, this next project was also a baby step in cautiously treading water with all things crafty. It is also a project to check off the Haven ‘ol Conference To Do List. Presenting Washi Tape Labels/Tags:
It’s another tag for my stuff, although this time I fully plan on lugging a powerstrip to the convention and sending out a thoughtful tweet inviting everyone to get their charge on. Pretty cool huh?

The tag was designed in Photoshop CS5, to mimic my business cards, then cut out with the Silhouette Cameo (using 65 lb cardstock).
They were finished off with a dash of washi-tape on the front and racing stripes in back, just for fun.
The tag has a few neat features including two suggested hash tags and even my Instagram and Twitter username left behind to track the traveling surge protector (which is lovingly named Surgio). He’s a bit wonky and dated, but hopefully his younger and cuter blue brother will be swapped out after finding him from a really good game of hide and seek.

This project was also cheap with the Washi Tape gifted to me and the cardstock was lying around from the last batch of business cards, costing another big fat $0.00. Gotta love free projects!

Hopefully ladies (and gents) will find it useful to charge and go. My vision is to capture photos during the trip beginning with the airport. It would be a dream for people to Instagram and tweet shout-outs to get the word out there during the conference. Only time will tell.

Have you ever tried to think outside the box for clever projects?

P.S. I was not paid or perked from any of these vendors; I just happily picked up the supplies necessary for the job.

5 Washi Tape: Cord Organization

How can something as simple and small as washi tape, be so intimidating? It probably had a lot to do with two failed projects (one I haven’t blogged about in pure shame) to link up with Danielle from Framed Frosting’s link party called Craft with What You Got . Seriously, there may or may not have been horrible daydreams of being mummified by the sticky little roll. 

Oh and if you haven’t heard of washi tape, check out this Pinterest Board dedicated to it. It’s like the crafting world’s catnip. 

Labeled cords are great for camping, overnight trips, sleepovers, conferences, or any group gathering. You may notice this project is nothing new, but I’m here to tell you that it was so quick and easy you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. 

Anywho, this time I took it easy and started with something small. Something that is one more thing off the ‘ol Conference checklist, presenting Washi Tape Cell Phone Cord Tags:
Super Simple Washi Tape project: Cord Organization, perfect for vacations, blog conferences, and fighting over cellphone cords! | www.blackandwhiteobsession.com #simple #easy #washi_tape #washitape
Mark your stuff people! With a room full of three other lovely ladies, something’s bound to get mixed up. It just makes it easier and one less thing to worry about. And a phone charger, well it’s just not something you want to live without on a business trip.

This project is super easy, and pretty cheap. Especially if you have the tape lying around (it was actually included in the Maidae Mixer goodie bag), which was the case here costing a whopping $0.00.

Basically figure out your placement and size, wrap the tape around the cord, and press to seal.  Cut a triangle for flags or use some squiggly craft scissors. Embellish as you please. I also added my email address on the back. The washi tape should fit on most cell phone heavy hitters Apple Iphones, Androids (with micro usb).

That’s it, quick and easy Washi Tape project. I have another Washi Tape project up my sleeve coming acha soon.

2 What I wore- Fantastic Fridays: Week 25

Wow 25 weeks of What I Wore Fantastic Friday’s!!  This week will hopefully hold a special place in my heart for the drastic change in hairstyles that occurred on Wednesday. It may sound annoying or not even much to some (pssht 17+ inches, whatevs), but I’m still brushing that phantom hair and putting too much shampoo in my hair. Let’s not forget the entertaining learning curve of wrangling wild bed-head and clothing options to ‘go with’ the new ‘do (who knew it would be so much fun!!). Seriously, I should have caught the hilarity struggling to manage the Alfalfa hair on film.

Anywho, onto the point of today’s post, What I wore this fantastically-fabulous Friday.

23 Donating Hair to Locks of Love

Yesterday close friends and family saw a snippet into a new hairstyle I’m proudly rocking over on Facebook. The new do is drastically different from the long locks I’ve been sporting for the past 2 ½ years. So today, I’d like to share my experience of donating to Locks of Love...
I don’t know about you but donating anything not only makes you feel warm and fuzzy but also provides to someone in need. Whether its clothing that no longer fits, money to charitable causes, blood, or simply your time to an organization, the little things add up and pay it forward. Nothing like it.

See when I was a kid when my parents couldn’t agree if they liked my hair short or long.
Can’t believe I’m showing old pics, Ha! Rockin' pink zebra hand-me downs since the 90’s?!

0 July Giveaway with SketchyStyles

Today I'd like to present a special little treat for you, my readers, a giveaway from my favorite sketchy architecture portrait artist and Canadian friend, Becky from SketchyStyles.
She hand-sketches these fabulous portraits from a few photos of your chosen architectural piece. I'm always drooling over her gorgeous cityscapes being envious of her travels. Even if you don't have a specific building or structure in mind, they can serve as fantastic gifts to friends and family to capture their special location.

This $121.80 prize is open and available to US and Canada residences only beginning at 8am EST on Wednesday, July 10th and ends on Wednesday, July 17th at 11pm EST. Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below (please allow page to load). The more people you like or follow the more chances you have to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The winner of this giveaway will be announced on Thursday, July 18th, back here on my blog!

You can enjoy more of Becky at http://sketchystyles.com/ or visit her Etsy shop:

*The bloggers involved in this giveaway have pulled their money together to offer this custom sketch. Social Media Sites are not sponsoring this. In other words, I was not paid or perked from this vendor, I just happily like giving back to my readers!

2 Adventures in Gardening: Hot Preview!

We’ve been busy in the backyard for the past couple weeks, well actually ALL spring/summer long. We’ve had our share of hot and muggy weather which has brought us new challenges to protect our garden from drying up like the Sahara Desert.  There are quite a few photos to sort through but I can’t wait to have another full post breakdown.

In the meantime, here’s a preview of how far along we’ve come:
Black and White Obsessions Garden Preview Instagram
The photos don’t do the garden justice, as that thing is HUGE.

Two weekends ago we were also busy digging up sod for yet another project:
Black and White Obsessions New Yard Project Instagram

Follow along on Instagram for more blog sneak peeks.

Any guesses to what plants made the ‘cut’? What the next project is? Want to take a crack at the real dimensions of our garden?

Want to follow along with Adventures in Gardening? Here’s the BeginningPlanning and Research, a Garden D├ęcor Tutorial, planting seeds, garden growth progress, and a little nip n tuck.

0 What I wore- Fantastic Fridays: Week 24

Hope everyone enjoyed the fireworks last night, and had a safe and fantabulous Independence day. Our holiday was amazing. I also introduced a summery drink to a lovely lady in my life, an adult orange creamsicle, and it was a hit. I have to say we had an inconsiderate idiot who lit off fireworks too close for comfort, but thankfully no one was hurt.

Today is Friday, which means it’s time for this week’s What I Wore this Fantastic Friday.

0 Patriotic/Fourth of July Ideas to Celebrate

Earlier this week, I was lucky enough to be featured over at Begin to Craft for the DIY American Flag Cement Garden Stones I made a while back from a Jell-O Mold:

And to keep up the festive Independence Day cheer, let’s set the mood with some inspiration around the web.

4 Windows 8 search feature- Windows App store and more

Ever get frustrated not finding the exact information you are looking for? Well that happened to me a couple days ago when trying to find a particular app in the Windows Store.

Having Windows 8 for the past six months or so has been a fun learning curve (alright so I’m a geek for techy stuff sometimes).  However, after noticing apps on my tablet didn’t include a search feature, well let’s just say it was a major inconvenience. After some Google searching to no avail, I discovered the solution and am here today to provide the answer in the form of this short video:

A couple things to note:
  • There are multiple ways to use this search feature and it can be used on other apps you’ve already installed.
  • I’m running Windows 8 on a Dell Latitude 10 tablet. It’s a tablet and PC combo (the best of both worlds).
  • I am not a tech expert by any means but would me more than happy to answer any questions in the comments below.
Do you run Windows 8? Love it? Hate it?
Do you try to find things out yourself if Mr. Google Fails you?
Would you like to see more Windows 8 quick tutorials?

P.S. I was not paid or perked from Microsoft, Dell or Google; I just like providing sources that  worked well for me.

4 Need a little Motivation?

I'm sure every-once in awhile, everyone feels overwhelmed, defeated, lazy, exhausted, and/or uninspired. Even Bill Gates. Sure he probably pays someone to take care of that too. Bill if your reading, I didn't mean that, please read this page.

What I'm really here to say today is: do whatever you have to do to find your way out of that hole, believe in yourself. If you need some time to refocus, do it, but cap that time so it doesn't turn into weeks, months, or years.

Seek out sources, the internet has ideas around every corner. Try this link, it helped me out of my latest rut. Check out the video, it's an oldie (2008) but goodie. Sure it may be business orientated, but it's easy to relate. Watch the video daily, re-read the offending words, make friends with a Drill Sergeant, just get out there and be pro-active.

That didn't do the trick? Look for key note speakers in your area, free lectures at your local collage, attend seminars, talk to a friend who is really good at giving you a pep talk. Don't have a friend like that? Get out there and make one.
Hey you, yeah you. You look awesome. You're brilliant! I like your smile. You have the best laugh. You're cooler than Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Planeteersand Power Rangers combined.

Complement someone else, it will make you feel better too. Go out there, make your future [or current] grandchildren proud!

What motivates you?
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