6 What I wore- Fantastic Fridays: Week 23

Wow, can you believe it’s the end of June ALREADY?! The Fourth of July is just around the corner and some towns in our area are hosting fireworks this weekend already. Guess I’m a traditionalist and like to enjoy them on the holiday, but I also wouldn’t miss a fireworks display.

It’s also Friday, which means it’s time for this week’s What I Wore this Fantastic Friday.
But before we get into this week’s outfit, let’s revisit last week’s outfit verdict.
If you remember, last week was a bit intimidating to some people as I proudly showed off my Karate uniform.

And his reaction: “Kung Fu Panda Trisha!!” And then he ran away scared.

Just kidding, he’s obtained some pretty big muscles this summer from all the extra heavy projects we’ve been doing.

Without further ado, its beach time!
Trying to hula, inspired by the Willow Tree’s long branches. I need a tan.
That towel wrap is an oldie but goodie, perfect for around the lake or pool to dry off and cover up.

The hair is my current favorite, “go to” style- with a little rope action.

The pink swimsuit is one of the beaus favorites, he actually picked it out himself.  It’s one of those business in the front, party in the back kind of suits. And of course when you like the price (the store was going out of business) you buy its twin in another color; black in my case.

My favorite summer flops being shoe cased without toes, because they’re not 4th of July painted yet.

A little back-story: the beau, probably out of hatred for baggy shirts, playfully requested a swimsuit week a while back. Being the good girlfriend I am, I accepted challenge. Of course it was a week where no one stopped by and happened to be a pretty muggy one so it all worked out in the end. Added bonus: I got to brush the dust off the swimsuit box and find some really cool pieces I almost forgot about. Best part: they all still fit!

Do you have an abundance of pieces of clothing in your closet? How about a swimsuit and shoe addiction like me? Speaking of shoes, stay tuned for a DIY shoe post later this afternoon/early evening, hint there’s some shine! They're not quite ready to make their debut yet.

And that’s it my friends, is this week’s What I wore- Fantastic Friday. Hope ya’ll have a Fantastic Friday and catch an awesome fireworks display this weekend!

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  1. Replies
    1. Yep had to get them when I saw them in New York!

  2. Replies
    1. Hope to visit the most beautiful beach someday!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, they're the perfect summer flops, kinda dressy and comfy!


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