6 What I wore- Fantastic Fridays: Week 22

So it rained this morning. First thought: ‘go figure a rainy day on a morning I actually get to hang out with the beau and my nephew.’ Not two seconds later we turned the day into a blessing in disguise because we busted out the good ‘ol board games and played some Monopoly. Not just any Monopoly, the Spiderman version!! My favorite movie version is still Spiderman 3. When my nephew was younger it was his favorite character but he’s since grown out but thankfully didn't seem to mind the themed version. It’s been so long since I’ve played that I almost forgot the rules!

The beau and I had so much fun teaching and laughing and being greedy patient with the newbie. I don’t know about you but my favorite part of children is being able to teach them to be good people so they can hopefully grow into amazing well-rounded adults.

Anyway enough about the mushy stuff, it’s Friday and it’s time to show off What I Wore this miraculous Friday.

But before we get into this week’s outfit, let’s revisit last week’s boyfriend girlfriend verdict.
If you remember, the tables turned last week and I pulled a fast one by presenting What the He Wore last Friday. And my reaction:

“Not the crunchy pants again!” You have no idea, I’m sure everyone has their favorite ______ fill in the blank, but come’on sometimes you have to let.them.go. Especially when your ahem better half (harhar) refuses to wash them because they stand up on their own. I.kid.you.not.

Although guilty as charged, my sister basically had an intervention with me two summers ago to let go of the perfect pair of black work pants because a seam was slowly unraveling. And *shamefully* they weren’t the right ‘fit anymore.’ I figured they hadn’t revealed anything inappropriate yet and I hadn’t found a pair at goodwill yet to replace them. But it was time.

To this day, I still browse that pants section looking for a replacement. I guess everyone else loved them just as much and hoards them doesn’t want to part either.

Moooving on, keeping with the playful outfits, presenting this week’s outfit:
Ok so I’m a little out of shape/practice.
Yes, that is a full Karate uniform, and yes I am a High Red belt. For those of you who are unaware, high red belt is one belt below a black belt.

You can call me The Next Karate Kid or Hilary Swank, whatever comes to mind. Blogging by day, DIYing and kicking through walls by night. Paneled walls that is.

Sorry this one cracks me up for some reason, maybe it’s that god-awful look or the way my hair is following through during a spinning 360 kick.
Oh and my nephew- the innocent bystander- got a kick (haha punny) out of how many times I cracked a joint or stretched a little too far. –Sigh- what I would give to get back into Karate again. Dang you obnoxious class price-tag.

Did you ever take a class or two in karate? Were you ever infatuated with the Karate Kid

Do you have a favorite article of clothing or anything really that is so old and perfect and it was/is time to say goodbye? Did someone finally confront you, did you listen? Oh tell me… tell me!! I’m curious to see what everyone else holds on to for dear life far too long.

And that’s it my friends, is this week’s What I wore- Fantastic Friday. Hope ya’ll have a Fantastic Friday and a getting jiggy with it (random much?!) weekend!

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    2. Sing it with me now, "Everybody was kung foo fighting, dunana na dundun dun dun da."

  2. In fact it was a little bit frightening...

  3. Ok where to begin? LOVE monopoly! We have several versions: regular, Star Wars, and Chocolatopoly! And I have to ask...do your neighbors look at you funny when you're taking pics outside like that? :)

    1. Wow, game night your house!!

      I don't know if they're home when I take the photos, but maybe some day they'll ask and become followers :) Either way, they can look out the window all they want at their silly home renovating dorky neighbors all they want. I'd love to hear them laugh through their windows- it would make my day!!


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