2 What I wore- Fantastic Fridays: Week 20

Last night I left ya hanging on the outcome of the Black and White outfit worn for the Maiedae Mixer last Saturday, not on purpose, rather because the weather wasn’t cooperating. Enough jibber jabber, let’s get on with the post and what was worn today and last Saturday.

Sorry my friends that the verdict was missed last week, but it’s back today:

The beau said “That’s a spicy meatball, wait what country are you trying to portray?!” (Italian meatball, Paris shirt, Rome, GA).

And presenting the branded outfit:

Yep, Black and White and some more black and white. Black jewelry, black belt, and black shoes with a semi-casual jean jacket for wardrobe-malfunction-insurance thrown in the mix. Since we were running out of time (a theme all week/weekend) the hair was tossed into a side rope. If you couldn’t tell from the enthusiastic face, the outfit gets two thumbs up.

The dress is flowey, a bit dressy, and best of all ridiculously comfortable. Definitely one of those, it was so easy, wish I’d have done it sooner kinda things. I would have to say the back of the dress with the v stripe is my absolute favorite!

Like I said on Thursday, if there’s a day in the future that is just too boring or I feel the urge to sew something, I’ll add an elastic band at the top for extra piece of mind.

What do you think, did I nail the branding this time around?

And that’s it my friends, is this week’s What I wore- Fantastic Friday. Hope ya’ll have a Fantastic Friday and a stellar weekend!

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