8 Maiedae Mixer- Blog Event/Conference Tips and Lessons Learned

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I promise this is the last post about the Maiedae Mixer. What can I say; it was quite a week and a half getting ready, and experiencing it all. But today, I’ll be going over some valuable lessons I learned which can and will be carried over to some blogging conferences coming up (*cough*Haven*cough)!
1. Attend a smaller event first. That’s exactly what Christina and I did and boy were we forever grateful. Not only did we learn a lot, but we also got to get our feet wet to get over the shyness, meet some amazing ladies, and have a dance the night away good time.

2. Research. Do your research, find events for your business niche and what’s appropriate to bring (like roommate gifts or business cards). If you’re a blogger, keep reading and then go here for a link fest.

3. Plan ahead. Don’t start your trip planning or anything you want to DIY a week or *gasp* a day before, because it will show. Thankfully that didn’t happen. And who really wants a full-fledged melt down before the event?
4. Charge your electronics and then some. One of the most important things I read was NOT TO forget chargers, etc. My advice would be to use them and not to forget your camera battery. Yep, with all the travel, my cell phone GPS drained my battery AND somehow my camera battery was left in the hotel room. Yikes!

5. Pack light but don’t forget the necessities. I packed two umbrellas for the two of us and thank goodness I did as it rained cats and dogs. Bottles of water were also great from all the humid weather and talking we did. No one wants a Wet Koala:
6. Bring shipping boxes and verify the hotel will ship, they usually fit in the bottom of your suitcase; you never know what kind of souvenir/gift/prize you may come home with. Because really who wants to choose between throwing away some of your favorite clothes or taking home some really neat swag items.
7. Get creative, be yourself, and stand out. Knowing that I was probably the furthest to travel I made my flower crown to match my home team (Go Packers!), it helped break the conversation ice. The outfit matched my brand (black and white, get it haha).  On occasion, I shared the meeting Christina/tornado weather story as another icebreaker/”remember me” story. At the end of the event, I noticed Brittany Brandt had amazing handwriting so I referred her to KevinandAmanda.com so she could convert it to a font and even got her to use the extra space on the back of my business card (+10 points).
8. Network before the event. Reach out to those who are attending. Not sure where to start? Search hash tags for the event, post on your own blog/facebook/etc. about it in advance, and scour the hosting blog for comments like “I can’t wait to attend.”
  • It can be very nerve wracking to meet new people, but take a deep breath and do some stretches or something to calm those nerves down. Because let’s face it, that’s one of the main reasons your there, to meet and become friends with a bunch of new people!

One last tip for good luck:
  •  If you’re road tripping, make sure there’s enough music sources (radio, Pandora, CD’s) in case one fails. If you need to catch your breath (from chatting with your exit travel buddy) or run into some scary situations, nothing soothes like music.
Do you have any tips to prepare for an event? Do you love Will Ferrell's freak-out-scene from Elf? Are your freak-outs cute, funny, or watch-out-here-comes-Chucky?

Are you going to HAVEN 2013?! I’d love to chat and eventually put a face to a name. If so, what are you most excited for? Me- it’s probably all the new people, rooming with other bloggers, and hearing from all of the fabulous speakers, and well EVERYTHING!


  1. Eeeeeeeeeek koalas are SCARY!!!!!!!!

  2. Great tips! I want to attend a conference SO bad!

    1. Thanks Jillian! If you ever do decide on one, let me know! I'd love to 'know' someone :) (in the most non-creepy way possible).

  3. So many good ideas! Sounds like it was such a valuable experience!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! It was definitely an experience, that's for sure! Wouldn't trade it for the world!

  4. Well said! I will be at haven! I picked your site from the link-up party cuz I too am obsessed with black and white! See you there!

    1. Hi Karen,

      Thanks for stopping by! Can't wait to meet all you lovely ladies!

      Much love,
      Trisha D.


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