3 Maiedae Mixer, Blog Event Preparation- The Outfit

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I think it comes to no surprise that I LOVE my brand- Black and White Obsession, I find it just so easy to market. So when it came to an outfit for the Maiedae Mixer, it should have been a no brainer  Let’s do this, REPRESENT!

Of course as indecisive as I can be sometimes, I consulted my fashionable, ubber hip, and amazing friend Christina for her input:

It also helps that she was going to the same event. Anyway, she gave her blessing on the black and white one. So I dug the dress out of the closet in that pile of gotta-fix-something-on-this shirt or that pair of pants. What you don’t have that pile, you just throw away or donate? Well good for you!

Let me tell ya, the dress sat at the bottom of the pile for a good 6 months just desperately patiently waiting its crack at the good ‘ol sewing machine.

Look at that before fashion show! It was a bit of a hot mess. The dress was a clearance find from a local store which had a sale, on top of a sale, on top of the clearance out price.

Don’t let that price fool you, I believe it ended up being around $11.00
I couldn’t stand to see my favorite combination go to waste. Plus the fabric is Ultra soft and amazingly light at the same time.

Here’s the vision:

If you noticed, the entire dress would actually be flipped around.

When it came to altering, it was quite easy, try it on inside out, pin the heck out of it, cut some seams apart, and zip it through the machine. Try it on and repeat if necessary. Then cut the excess and enjoy.

The only thing I would have done differently was to go with my gut and add the elastic band near the northern regions for extra piece of mind (nobody wants to pull a Janet Jackson). This dress was quite easy to update, so maybe one of these days, I’ll take it apart and add that must have feature.

To see the finished result, you’ll just have to wait until tomorrows What I Wore Fantastic Friday (week 20). What? Why do you leave me hanging like that?! Well if you must know, I had a bit of terrible luck capturing a shot at the event so I had to wait for some amazing light- it’s pretty much been rainy all week here.

Do you have a go to friend who also serves as a fashion consultant? Have you ever altered anything? How about some amazing clearance finds?


  1. My go to person is my hubby. He's the only person that I can reveal all of my insecurities to!

    1. I'm always down for a good shopping trip. Isn't it funny that our guys are the ones that know what 'fit' we like?!

  2. He actually HATES the type of clothes I pick out, but says that I make them look cute lol. He doesn't like girly stuff, nothing floral, no polka dots, doesn't like ruffles of any kind.


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