5 Blog Event Preparation: Roommate Gift + Free SVG Iphone 5 Download

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Like I mentioned yesterday, this week I’m trying my hardest to double post because I left y'all high and dry last week. Initial thoughts: Are you crazy?! You were already sleep deprived last week getting ready for the blog event and the whole weekend during travel!

Anywho, I hope those of you getting your toes wet in the blog world, getting ready for a conference in the future, or curious to see what happens when bloggers get together will enjoy this Maiedae Mixer recap.
Up first on this little recap is the gift I gave to lovely Christina as a roomie gift/thanks for letting me crash at your place/thanks for helping pay half the expenses/listening-to-me-blabber-during-our-road-trip gift. I got the idea while searching for conference preparation (like here and here).

Is there any gift out there to cover all that? You be the judge.
Mountain Dew Lip balm and Hand Sanitizer, both from Target. Homemade brownies 
and earplugs, because I snore.

Pattern Inspiration Etsy Shop CaselyBFFs Different States Inspiration Etsy Arthurs Plaid PantsCity State Inspiration Etsy Shop Molly MattinSt Louis Lattitude Inspiration Etsy Shop Mr City PrintingSt Louis Arch Inspiration Etsy Shop BentonParkPrintsSt Louis Arch InspirationImage Map
Iphone-5 covers made by yours truly. Click the photo for design inspiration sources (not available via mobile).

So go check out their sites (after finish reading this post of course har har) and support them for their design. And yep I made 18 and gave her some blanks to make her own. You know, in case they weren’t ‘her style.’ P.S. the two in the middle row have sharks because of Fajita, get it?

A tape-deck business card holder:
The box was inspired by this DIY Business Card holder. Admittedly, it was a bit of a fail, because we were on such a time crunch and I didn’t quite finish them. It would have been awesome to see these in use and use them as a conversation piece. These boxes, by the way, were supposed to be multipurpose in which they could be used as a gift card holder. If I were to do it all over again, I would have used thicker craft paper and you know maybe glued them together for her.

A quick back story on those Iphone covers:
Come to tell her after she opened it that it was a tiny white lie so I could make her this gift. Sneaky Sneak!

Here's a freebie for whole page of blank Iphone-5 cell phone covers so you can make your own clear case insert:
DIY Blank Iphone-5 templates 
Photoshop (.PSD) Download | Silhouette Studio (.SVG) Download

Appreciate the download? Like Black and White Obsession on Facebook to help support future downloads.

Be sure to use the mask feature in Photoshop and the center tool in Silhouette Studio.

Below are my designs for you to download for free! 
12 Iphone-5 Designs made by Trisha D.
 Photoshop (.PSD) Download | Silhouette Studio (.SVG) Download

Appreciate the download? Like Black and White Obsession on Facebook to help support future downloads.

The shark ones were left in the bunch, you know just in case you happen to have a shark named Fajita. I saved you the hassle of deleting our sentimental Wisconsin and Missouri cover, you’re welcome.

If you don’t have the amazing Silhouette Cameo, you could always print and cut them out by hand. Hint: use a hole punch to start the camera hole.

Hope you enjoy the freebies. If you use the template to make your own, I'd love to see the finished product- leave a comment below or email me here.

Are you interested in a tutorial/freebie for the business card holders/gift boxes? How about a tutorial on how to use these files? What was your favorite Iphone-5 design? Have you ever failed at a project being too busy to purchase additional supplies using what you got? Do you think the gift was worthy? Or sentimental, sweet, over the top horrible, or ubber creepy (har har)?

P.S. We were not paid or perked from any of these vendors.


  1. You are so awesome!!! I already ordered a clear case because I can't WAIT to use my new covers....and I am addicted to that lip gloss!

    I am so happy you came and didn't get super annoyed with all my story telling :)

    1. I couldn't have gotten annoyed! So glad you enjoy the gift! I'm so glad we decided to do this!

  2. I love the DIY iphone cases! I wish I had an iphone now so I could make one.

    1. I know right?! I sort of want to go out and buy an Iphone now.

  3. LOL the earplugs would be perfect for my husband! I snore too... too loud sometimes!


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