3 Belated Birthday Report

It’s about high time (only a month late) that I tactfully boast, I mean, talk about how amazing the beau is. Before I lose you, don’t worry this post isn’t all about our mushy lovey-dovey stuff (we’re actually pretty reserved in that department), but rather his caring and thoughtful self.

You see, I’d like to discreetly admit that we’re living on a tight budget right now. That really means that generally we cannot afford the good things in life (we’re totally ok with and in fact as happy as ever). So when my beau surprised me on my b-day topping his amazing Christmas gift. Let’s just say, I was blown away!
You see, I have a terrible time accepting gifts. Call it- I could never repay you for your kindness. What I love and appreciate the most is that someone took their precious time to come up with something that they know is more you than you realize.

I very playfully told him, “You better not come home with anything less than a dog, in fact take back what you got and just get us a pup.” So what did he have up his sleeve? Something even better:
Yep, it’s a brand-spanking new windshield. 
It may not seem like a very amazing gift but:
  1. Like I said earlier, we’re living frugally right now and somehow he mustered up a couple hundred bucks for this beauty.
  2. Since I’m unable to have a dog, or child the car is my baby for now.
  3. I’ve been living with a sand-blasted, pitted windshield for far too long.

The best part of it all was that he secretly asked my sister if it would be a good fit and she said ‘anything for her car and she’s totally game.’ The time and effort he put into such a thoughtful gift surpasses the material side of it all. This guy he knows me all too well.

A few years ago, I lived in an area prone to sandstorms in the Mojave Desert for about a year. The storms did quite a number on my windshield. If you’ve never experienced a sandstorm, let me try to paint the picture:

Could be like a mini twister:
Car Sketch Source
Or a massive snow/rain/fog storm:
Car Sketch Source
Or worse combination:
Car Sketch Source

They’re so random and you can do is pull over and hope the damage isn’t significant enough to impair your ability to get home.

Anyway, my windshield was extremely pitted here’s the best shot I could come up with:
See all the tiny microscopic scratches? They severely impaired my vision 
especially driving during sunrise/fall.

So the beau surprised me with the new windshield and the installation guy was absolutely amazing! Like I said earlier this car is my baby, and he let me stick around watching the whole thing, getting all up in his bid-ness taking pictures AND annoyingly asking random questions.

The things you learn poking around I tell ya! Now I know “A typical windshield lasts about 10 years.” I becha if you have an older vehicle, you’re calculating that right now huh?

The installation went pretty smooth and he used some really neat tools, but I’ll let the pictures lead the way:
Don’t mind the dirty car, she was taken out of storage THAT day.

The tool on the right was supported by another suction cup which hung on the driver’s side window

so he can be a one man team:
Don’t mind my attempt at obscuring the background.

This funky tool was a wire that wrapped around the entire window prying the old sealant, separating the window from the frame.
Look at my baby without her shades…

Doesn’t that look a bit prehistoric, like the Flintstone era? See the resemblance? 

Oops, looks like the A-piller was damaged in the process:
The beau knew how important it was for me to have a reputable company, and the company didn’t hesitate to fix the piece. They were even accommodated a fix it before I left for the Maiedae Mixer.

There she is, the last step installing the striping.
Needless to say my annual birthday drive this year was very special, since I could wander out for a nice sunset cruise by the lake. It was the ice cream topping to the perfect sundae er birthday.

Think this post was a little out of place with the Maiedae Mixer theme of the week? Watch out for Monday’s post where it will all make sense.

P.S. We were not paid or perked from this vendor; the beau happily researched companies.


  1. Our worlds are in alignment! I had to have my windshield fixed this month and we used the same company! HAH! Have a wonderful weekend! Oh, and......happy birthday!~~Angela

    1. Thanks! Did you sit there and stalk er watch them? If so wasn't it soo cool?!


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