0 Adventures in Gardening: Growth

Sheesh, the last time I posted an update on the garden was when we planted the seeds back in April (posted at the end of May). Yikes! Well let’s inch our way closer with growth/progression.

Of course each plant has its own growth rate so many weren’t quite sprouting during the first round of photos.

Day 6 we have a few plants showing some green.

Sugar Snap Peas:

Roma and Beefsteak Tomatoes:
I don’t know about you but seeing that first seedling sprout is such a relief.

Day 8 a few more plants start appearing. Like the Sweet Tomatoes:

Some flowers started sprouting:

The sunflower keeps its protective seed coat, unassumingly, for defense until they’re a little bigger.

While the snap peas are doing extremely well (a friend told us they prefer cold).  The Salvia Bonfire (flowers) were a bit on the shy side.

More growth from the Roma Tomato:

It’s really hard for me not to bust out the Laday Gaga song: Rah Rah ah ah ah  Roma Roma ma ooh la la! Maybe it will be their new rain dance song?!

One little pumpkin:

Day 12

The peas are getting so tall!

Look at those pumpkins go!

Still no watermelon:

 The corn is slow but peaking their heads out.
That growth in on the bottom of the photo is their over-achiever tomato neighbor.

Yay most of the plants were popping up! What a relief to know that we didn’t have the biggest black thumbs!
As far as our watering habits, they were watered and/or misted daily for the first couple weeks and then trickled to every other day or so. I must say starting them in the basement while having the dehumidifier running wasn’t the best idea as the soil dried out quicker. It’s not like we can just turn it off when we’re growing seeds because we would have standing water. You better believe it has been added to the Lessons Learned tab.
Oh and papertowel/toilet paper rolls was added to the lessons learned because when I went to water them, they were always so dry that they seemed to need additional feeding. 

I also tried to move the plants around, as in turn the entire box around or switch the boxes with slow growth to the middle for more direct light and heat. This usually happened when I saw the plants severely creeping towards the nearest light bulb or to encourage the puny ones.

Our set up was 50% Ghetto, 50% genius/use wacha got. You may remember that we tried to save some money this round to get our feet wet by using newspaper and powerade drink boxes. We also used Styrofoam insulation (we’re planning to use it elsewhere in the house) purchased a while back from our local Restore as the base to hold the plants. Underneath the Styrofoam are regular ‘ol construction saw horses. Then the ghetto creative part was to use whatever was lying around to elevate the lights. We’re talking scrap pieces of trim, some cut off pieces of post supports, etc. The lights were actually taken from our garage and the attic (you know when we tore that placeup).

I’m sure the neighbors probably thought we were growing a little something, well illegal since you could see a ‘glow’ outside the window.

I’m so glad the boyfriend jimmy rigged everything together because there was no way the basement was warm enough (we still had <60°F weather consistently). Let alone captured enough sunlight from two glass block windows.

Do you worry your neighbors think you’re growing a super pumpkin or something very illegal? Is Lady Gaga and her Bad Romance song stuck in your head? Do you think singing to the plants is crazy or the secret to plant success since they look pretty healthy?

Want to follow along with Adventures in Gardening? Here’s the BeginningPlanning and Research, a Garden D├ęcor Tutorial, and planting seeds.

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