11 15 Pun-ny Etsy Finds + Sneak Peek

Boy this weekend was fabulous, sure there were some overcast and even rainy parts, but you know the saying “when life gives you lemons…”
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Today is a particularly awesome Monday (do we really need a reason for AWESOME?) and what better way to brighten your day by chocking this post full of some Pun-ny Etsy finds, and of course a sneak peek at a photo shoot I’m working on.
I have to begin with this post’s inspiration though, a can cooler from Target:
Instagram Shameless self Promotion

I must get into tea one of these days…

I think Etsy needs a housewarming/wedding/first kid/birthday registry, because this is something we would be honored to serve our food on:

And have these hanging on our walls:
The “Be Grateful” print is a favorite for sure!

This looks like the perfect beach flowy tank:

This would fulfill my inner-geeky-ness:

This would be a cute card for young girl. The card is just too sweet not to pass up:

Y'all know I love me some Marilyn...
With a business tag line like: “Give your walls a sense of Humor” tell me, who wouldn’t be drawn in?

The next time I plan to shower the beau with love, you better believe I’m turning to a sentimental card:
Both cards from here.

Oh how I would thoroughly enjoy giving this to someone who is having a particularly awful day:
In hopes that the card would cheer them up even just a smidge.

To all my chikas, if you want me to stand up in your wedding, I’d be honored to receive this card:

I’ve got nothin’ but chuckles:

Let's close off the puns with the perfect book even though it’s not from Etsy:
I promised a peek from a recent Photo Shoot, and to make good on my word here is my favorite photo of the session:
A special thanks to C, for suggesting the pose!
Don’t forget to check out the under-construction Trisha D. Photography Page, locals enter your email for a chance to win a mini-photo session! I realize that I've left y'all hanging since the last Sneak Peek photo session, but as soon as the Photography site is up and running, there will be more eye candy.

Hope you had fun virtually shopping with me today. What’s your favorite? Do you love a good pun? Isn’t it hard not to fall in love with squishy baby faces?

P.S. I was not paid or perked from any of these vendors; I just happily virtually shopped around.

15 Pun-ny Etsy Finds:


  1. Have I told you lately, how awesome you are?
    !! Thank you soooo much!

  2. Awesome!! I kept laughing all the way down. And the smooshy baby kissed-on face is sooo cute!

    1. Hi Jenn, thanks for stopping by!

      Glad to 'hear' some chuckles. Momma bear (a few comments up) is sure to be beaming that someone else thinks what she already knows!

      Much love,
      Trisha D.

    2. I can't take all the credit, Kyle helped ;)

    3. Ok I'd like to see more! :)

    4. Hehe, it hasn't been 4 weeks yet :p

  3. Heh, melons. These are funny. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi John, glad you stopped by!

      Great placement, eh?

      Much Love,
      Trisha D.

    2. I liked the "melons " too.


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