4 What I wore- Fantastic Fridays: Week 18

Yay, its Friday! Not just any Friday, Memorial Weekend Friday. Yep a great day it is.

Here's what was said about my outfit last week:

Last week the beau was here when I picked out the outfit and really didn’t have much to say. However, when we were shopping (yep yard sales are my ‘shopping’ now-a-days) a few ladies complemented me on my sweatshirt. One lady even took flattery to the next level and complimented my hair. To which I (auto) respond that I’m cutting it off very soon and donating to Locks of Love. I’ve been doing this since I was young when I found that I’m fortunate enough to have hair of my own and that it grows crazy-fast.
See how long it is?!
Anyway, less blabbing more new outfit:

You see the girls and I are meeting up tonight and figured since I’m meeting with some of my favorite people, why not sport my favorites. The shirt is my #1 favorite t-shirt, the pants- favorite jeans, favorite scarf, and favorite sweatshirt (I have it in three colors). That Marilyn, she’s beautiful no matter if half her face is covered in artistic tattoos. The accessories, well those were tossed in to dress it up a bit.

We’re going to be busy with a huge yard project this weekend because the beau has off most of the weekend. So there may or may not be a post on Monday, not making any promises. I would like to take a moment though, to thank all of those that served or are currently serving. I know firsthand how difficult and not rewarding enough it can be to serve or be a part of the military family.

What are your plans for the extended weekend? Whatever it is, I hope ya’ll have a Fantastic Friday and an amazing LONG weekend!

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  1. Great seeing you again pretty lady!

    1. It was great seeing you too, beautiful!

  2. Replies
    1. They are definitely one of my favorites! Black and White- yeah baby!

      So I watched Austin Powers a little too much recently.


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