3 What I wore- Fantastic Fridays: Week 17

What I wore-Fantastic Fridays was on vacation last week. This Friday, the beau took off for our town’s annual garage sale. We got up super early and dug in the change jar for quarters, only for the rain to squish our dreams.  We did pick up some pretty awesome finds.

This week’s theme is actually out of the house and rocking selfies with garage sale signs.

Wowza, two weeks ago was the birthday themed outfit. Time flies, Yikes! I was so happy to have beautiful weather to pull off that outfit. The beau said “going green.”  Lame haha.

And this week’s outfit:
While the outfit may not be all that special, thought I’d let the sale signs be the star of the show. Oh and thanks to the beau for acting as phone photographer. He braved the request mid-rain, what a champ.

If you were wondering, we didn’t host our own sale because we’re out of the traffic flow. Some neighbors have been talking about a block party yard sale of our own someday. 

Still hoping the weather clears for our (previously planned) photo-shoot.

We did get some amazing finds like the Atari set for $5, yeah there wasn’t even a negotiation for that one! And the lawn jarts for $20. I guess they’re highly illegal to sell.  Oops at least we were on the correct side of the transaction.
Have you hosted a block rummage sale or taken part in large scale sales? Are you heading to any yard sales this weekend? What was your best treasure? And that’s it my friends, is this week’s What I wore- Fantastic Friday. Hope ya’ll have a Fantastic Friday and have a lot of luck if you’re hitting up the g-sales!

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  1. Hi Trisha!

    I love this time of year for garage sales!

    Your Atari find makes me jealous. I love the older tech! I recently acquired a free VCR so my garage sale mission this year is VHS tapes! Geeky but fun!


    1. VHS?! Oh boy, I wish I had one of those- didn't occur to me to look. I still have Titanic and Waynes World.

      My pops recently dug up an old VHS 'home video' and he wanted the kids to come over and watch (since none of us own a VCR). I kid you not, every other garage sale had VHS video cameras for sale. Man kicking myself for passing up those treasures!

  2. What a great Atari find! I love garage sales... you never know what you'll come home with. :)


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