4 Spring Pinterest Challenge- Outdoor Stepping Stones + Other Cement Goodies

For the record, that’s probably the longest title I’ve ever busted out.

Last week, the lovely blog ladies (Sherry, Katie and guest hosts: Emily and Renee) announced my favorite challenge:

My first three thoughts were:
1. The best birthday present ever, way to pick the perfect day for that reveal?
2. Followed immediately with: Crap it’s my birthday week; can I really pull this off? Ahh well- shopping FRIDAY and worry about the rest come Monday.
3. OUTDOORS baby!

Almost instantly the project came to me: Stepping stones. I’ve been itching to tackle some garden d├ęcor for a while now. And drooling over Pinterest images wasn’t getting the job done. Pinterest has yet to fail me for inspiration, especially with my kinda archive (ahem 9,217 ahem).

Anywho, the spring challenge project I chose to add my own spin was this lovely schmancy Doily Stepping Stone:
The color goes perfect with the scheme we have going on outside, but alas the thrift shops didn’t have any big enough. Either way, that tutorial proved that cement holds spray-paint and that’s all that matters.

I also reviewed the following tutorial before digging in:
The boyfriend also chimed in and informed me that cement consistency should be like brownie mix.

Of course being the cheapie that I am, the only purchases we needed were a bag of cement, galvanized steel (for support), and my favorite part the molds. Everything else we had on hand.
1 Concrete Mix $1.99 | 2 Cardboard box (for the mess) | 3 Trowel | 4 Galvanized Steel $4.04 | 5 Measuring Cup | 6 Cooking Spray | 7 Wire Snips | 8 Round Jello Mold $0.50 |9 American Flag Jello Mold $0.50 | 10 Round Jello Mold $0.50 | 11 Clear Vinyl Saucer (for plants) $1.27 | 12 Drill with mixer attachment | 13 extra food container (for mold insert) | 14 Old bucket for mixing
Grand total:  $8.80

The best parts? Everything but the molds were free (through Menards Rebate program) ANNDD I have plenty of left over material for future cement fun.

Did ya catch the extra molds in there?
Well they were the backups in case the big stepping stone failed.

Since I started the project MONDAY after the jam packed birthday weekend, it left me little time to write up a full tutorial. So as usual I will be back tomorrow with a tutorial. In the meantime let’s fast forward to the finished product.
I’d say the big stone wasn’t totally a flop, it’s a cross between a maze and a sewer lid. Of all the pieces that surprised me, it was the flag for sure. It came together nicely and would be a great garden entry piece.

So be ready on Friday because it will be a picture fest and maybe even a video thrown in there showing that big bad drill whose boss (all by myself I may add), good thing I had my big girl panties on. Wait that didn’t sound right. Update: click here for more photos and the tutorial.

P.S. We were not paid or perked from any of these vendors; we just happily picked up the supplies necessary for the job.

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  1. Awwwww....love all the different molds you used! We need to create some stepping stones for the asparagus garden my husband planted and these are great inspirations.

  2. Hi Joanna!

    Glad you like them. I'm sure thrift stores are dying to have people take jello molds off their hands!

    So glad you stopped by!

  3. They look great! Nice job. Love the flag one.

  4. I have a couple of the Jello molds and have made a few of the flags for gifts
    and actually sold one at a garage sale. Loved working with them , even if my
    painting can get a little shakey.
    Glad to see someone else did the same craft. Have used cake pans, shaped plastic boxes, etc for different shapes.
    we had a weekly craft club and all of us made different ones, including
    ones with things embedded in the concrete.
    Like your ideas.


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