7 So much to do, so little time + Blog Roundup

“I have a confession my friend”

Foo Fightersif you’re reading, your lyrics are so catchy.

This coming weekend marks my very first blogging event and I decided as soon as I purchased the ticket (the day before my birthday, so less than a month ago) that I wanted to DIY a bunch of things. Yep, to add to the pressure of my first event I probably took on more than I can chew.
Source- Edible Poster, YES please!
There’s just not enough hours in each day. Do you ever feel that way?

That being said, after a difficult decision, posts will have to suffer. I know, you may be thinking isn’t that counterproductive to the marketing potential this coming weekend? Why yes, but I’m so excited/nervous/busy tackling the to do list (in all of its color-coded glory):

that I can barely sleep from the whole mind-wander thing. I can’t let you peak at everything, you’ll just have to wait on a recap/tutorial or some kind of post in the near future.
Anyway, the posts this week are going to be random/way off schedule. I do know for sure that Fantastic Friday is scheduled as usual. It’s actually a special edition, as in, it feature the winner of the blog’s very first giveaway.
The winner will also be displayed on the original post in the ProSimple widget. If you haven’t entered, you better get on that because it closes tomorrow, May 30th, at Mid-night, CST.
I have so much to blog about (remember the entryway post last week?), that I may just have to double up next week. This past weekend was so productive! I can’t and shouldn’t make promises though as they take forever from origin-live, at least for me.

Just picture me frantic in the background, sleepless, trying to get everything checked off that to-do-list before the ever approaching weekend.
Wowza, enough about me, let’s give you something to drool over in my absence:
Source- love me some Eiffel Tower | Source hey, it’s free!
These hand-made sketches from Becky from Sketchy Styles are true works of art. Check out her Etsy shop here. I hope you get used to seeing her art because I’m head over heels in love.

Awkward short story: I followed through some links posted via facebook (this post and this one) and didn’t realize:

  1. The whole sketch thing, it’s her niche AND blog name D’oh!
  2. That she opened her Etsy shop AND has custom orders.
That is until I actually hung out on her website a bit. Did I ever feel stupid, a horrible colleague, a terrible person for leaving this message:
Yep that happened. Psst She even did a piece for a fellow blogger over here.

Next up, Danielle at Framed Frosting just started a new link party- Craft with What You’ve Got:
Although I couldn’t participate this week, I’m excited for some future projects as well as all the brain-stimulation inspiration and eye candy. Maybe I’ll see one of your projects on there?

Dria from DIO Home Improvements, also one of the lovely ladies behind the Blog CafĂ© Facebook Group, did this amazing Return vent update.
It actually inspired a fix for the unsightly cords taking over the office desk; yet another project to tackle someday. That’s my favorite kind of problem--> so many ideas not enough time.

Since I’m going to be spending a lot of time this weekend with my blog BFF (Christina @HomemadeOcean, why not throw her into the mix?
Yep, she made those Kate Spade knockoffs herself! So totally rad and completely inspiring. After the mounds of projects up my sleeve, I may just have to tackle this one. You know to add to my shoe collection. Oh and she’s been having some ‘technical difficulties’ on her website so go over there and send her some encouragement. It’s actually a blogger’s worst nightmare what she’s gone through for the past few weeks or so.

Ever since I joined some blogging groups (like here, and here for my blog friends), it’s been nothing but incredible opportunities. I cannot tell you how amazing they are. They help you promote, they encourage you, they notice all the little things (because they do it too), and they’re genuinely good people through and through. I wish I had all the time in the world to go promote the crap outta all the lovely bloggers I’ve met. It’s in the pipeline of posts though.

What do you do to organize yourself? Do you have a hard time making decisions that could impact other areas in your life?

If you’re a blogger, do you ever have a mile long list of posts and loving every second of it? On the other-hand do you fear you will run drier than the Mojave desert?

P.S. We were not paid or perked from any of these bloggers; I just wanted to share some love.


  1. Trisha you are too funny! Your comments made me laugh then and now! :)

    Thanks for the link love!! And enjoy your conference!


    P.S. I'm jealous of your packing/planning/to-do list! Talk about organized!!

    1. If my desk looked half that organized I'd be a happy camper!

  2. There's this thing about the Foo Fighters...they ONLY make good music, and Dave Grohl is some kind of musical messiah.

  3. Great song choice!


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