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If ya’ll follow me in Instagram (if not, maybe you should get on that already) or saw this post, you may have noticed a certain furry friend.
Just look at those puppy eyes. Gets me every time.
You see a few weeks ago one of my sisters (I have a few and it will make sense later) went on vacation and didn’t bring me, instead used me for my backyard kindly asked me to watch her pup- Kaiah while she was away. And, um, how can I say no; you know besides the fact that I’m pretty much a Yes woMan (Jim Carey fans anyone?).

We decided that it would be a great opportunity to ‘test’ out our skills and figure out what will and won’t work when we have a pup of our own someday.  That and my sneaky self secretly hoped the beau would fall in love and go out and adopt one as soon as we gave her back (spoil alert, still hasn’t happened).

Let me explain that my sister’s pup is not small by any means. She’s HUGE and affectionately nicknamed Moose by her mama. Her size doesn’t bother/intimidate me one bit.
Look at those floppy chops.
Actually, I prefer the large breeds, they always seem to be the biggest lap dogs ever. Oh and if ya’ll were wondering, she’s an English Mastiff of the brindle variety. For those of you not in the know, that’s what gives her those stripes.

And one more tidbit on mastiffs, they’re made famous with Beast from the movie The Sandlot. The movie is a classic, better get on that too if you haven’t watched it.
Top Source | Bottom Source
Like a good babysitter, we requested the lowdown on favorite things, feeding schedule, the name of her doctor vet and even had her stop by for a test visit.  You know to make sure she didn’t hate the neighbor dog or have a nervous breakdown of some sort.

Besides her drooly self and massive dumps (TMI?), she was crazy-easy to watch. She’s the dog everyone dreams of, listens well, doesn’t need a leash, doesn’t eat everything in sight, has no interest in the animals roaming in our backyard, isn’t afraid of shadows, follows you around, yadda yadda yadda.

I’ve always called her Kaiah Bear, and somehow over the course of the week it changed to KB (which sounds a lot like Katie). They should have named her Toni the Tiger for those stripes not for her temperament. Her personality is very laid back, sweet, and loving.
What big dogs can cuddle too?

I had to do a little throwback and dig into the archives for these babies:
Sister if you're reading, you're welcome!

Not sure if you can tell but she was a true puppy then, using a blackberry (do they even exist anymore?).

We had a lot of fun running in the backyard and hanging out with us while we did yard work. My resume may need to include puparazzi (no that's not a typo). Someday I’ll show them on the Photography site once that’s up and running. Overall, it was a huge success having her over for the week.

I think the beau even fell in love in the short week that we had her. He didn’t even mind when her drool ended up all over his beloved truck seats.
On a random check in phone call, we half-way joked that we were seeking custody and requested doggie support.

I must say it was a sad day when she had to go home, she knew “her car” and hopped in like nothing ever changed.

The beau, even just yesterday (almost a  week after she went home) still refers to her. Needless to say yesterday this conversation went down:
Yep my sister’s phone contact name really is Manneater, has to do with her real name.
On the plus side, it means I’m inching my way closer to get a dog. He even confirmed he wanted one that was really big and preferably doesn’t shed. It’s not the green light yet, but baby steps my friend. One of these days I’m going to sneak his phone and change the background to a baby Weimerriner. I may even pull a Christina from Homemade Ocean.
Left Source | Right Source
How could he resist those eyes?! Reminds me of a puppy I once had, I’ll have to post about her some day…

Unfortunately we cannot afford one right now (sponsors anyone? haha), and we keep reminding each other of that whenever we have doggie fever. But someday, we will be wonderful doggie parents.

Now my other sister, she booked me to care for her pup in the coming weeks. Practice, convincing the beau, and free dog for a week, yeah that’s my kinda week. I cannot wait for more dog time!

Do you have a habit of calling any dog, no matter the age, a puppy? Would you take home a Weimaraner after giving you those eyes? Do you have puppy fever? Have any tricks to convince someone of something you really, really want? Anyone want us to dog sit? I don’t care if you’re from Arizona, ship them here we’ll take really good care, promise!

P.S.  Have you heard? I'm hosting my very first give away during the100th post celebration. So come back here in 3 short posts for a super fun-filled post.


  1. She is a gentle giant. I fell in love with her too

    1. Gentle that's for sure! Thanks for stopping by Mary!


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