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This series of home posts are events which occurred in the distant past, please bear with me until I catch up to the present.

If you are just joining, I’m making my way around the house according to a reader poll I took a while back, showing how we worked on each room, leaving out the furniture, and decorations (my favorite part). Don’t worry they’re the next series once we’ve made the first pass. Call it the nitty-gritty to wowza paint make-overs, if you will.

So far we’ve tackled the Living Room/Office, Kitchen, 2nd floor including falling a little for one of mother nature’s most helpful creatures (aka bats), our bedroom, and finally  2nd Bedroom turned Laundry Room. And now it’s time to move onto the Entryway.
Before we get into the details, let me tell ya that we originally planned on living with this area 'as-is' until summer 2013 (aka now) but after having some friends and family over for a few events, I realized it was our homes true 'first impression.' You see, this is the first room you see when you enter the house. 

It took some convincing, including some phrases like 'we're going to track dirt around the house' and 'awe come on, one more project before winter' but the beau eventually caved. It also helped that we were blessed with mild fall temperatures well into mid-October (when this makeover took place). 

Moving on, this 'room' is difficult to capture in one photo, so maybe this little floor plan will help visualize.

Remember this little awkward space? I mean, the area was U-G-L-Y and there was no alibi. Too bad That 70’s Show, didn’t come-a knockin for a reunion show, who knows, maybe we would have kept it. Eh, who am I kidding- the area HAD to get a good makeover treatment.

The plan was to enclose/hide the fuse box, add a bench, and beef up the shoe space.

Paint all that paneling and trim:

And the walls and ceiling:
The actual wall/ceiling color was a tan with slight pink undertones during sunset. For all the colors in the house, this really wasn’t the worst. They also must have avoided smoking in this area as the smoke residue was less obvious.

We already shared the tutorial on changing that vintage light fixture:

Close the plumbing wall after the bathroom was finished:

Rip the carpet out:
If you noticed, we did our best to cover up the bulk of its pure ugliness. That stuff was dirty, had far too many tears, and waaay beyond its life expectancy. The black is actually black grout that was spilled during our remodel. Lesson learned: black grout is hard to clean up.

Make this an area for sweatshirts, coats and other misc winter apparel.

Improve the storage, since our house is severely lacking in that area.

See during the house remodel this was practically the only place to hide store anything to shield from the dirt and dust, so it was crammed with everything AND it’s mama.

Oh and after we were ready to move in, the beaus parents sold their house and offered us a bunch of free stuff including an upright freezer, which will find its way into the mix somehow.

You may have noticed in some shots that we already removed the door way like mentioned in the kitchen remodel. The door no longer served any purpose in that location and we were trying to avoid a door party when relocating the bathroom door. Plus, we're huge fans of wide open floor plans.

And if all that planning and before pictures have you gagging ready for more, here’s a sneak peak at the color pallet:

Oops is that a bold color in there?! It was high time to incorporate my newest favorite color (at the time), and spoiler alert- it was love at first roll. For those of you wondering, the color is Jamaican Dream 55b-6 Ultimate Color Collection from Menards. I like to call it the Perfect Shade of Peacock.

I also have to tell ya, this room is closely tied for second place (with the kitchen) for the WOW factor. The bathroom, hands down, comes in first place. Needless to say the next two spaces, well let's just say I can hardly contain my excitement.

Are you in-love with the vintage wallpaper and sad to see it go? Are you digging the bold Perfect Shade of Peacock? What do you think of the overall plan? Do you have that cheer stuck in your head?  U-G-L-Y...

P.S. We were not paid or perked from any of these vendors; we just happily picked up the supplies necessary for the job.

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